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    Dog Friendly Apartments in Jacksonville

    Dogs Allowed

    Find Dog Friendly Apartments in Jacksonville

    There are dog people, and there are other people. If this is your attitude, your first stop in your search for your new home is to find one of the many dog friendly apartments in Jacksonville. More and more places are beginning to realize the great importance of "the tenant's best friend," and consequently, are allowing your pup a place in their units. Some places, however, do not allow residents to own dogs, or they restrict the breeds or sizes of dogs allowed. Using the advanced search tools found on this page, it should be easy for you to find a great new pad for you and your pooch!

    Before looking for a dog friendly apartment in Jacksonville, consider your dog. Some breeds really do not do well in small spaces with only limited time outdoors. Generally speaking, the larger your dog, the more space and exercise they will need. No matter the size of your canine, make sure that you can still give them adequate exercise and time outside.

    Most dog friendly apartments in Jacksonville will require some kind of a pet deposit. They require this for the same reasons they require a security deposit – to protect themselves from any damages that may be done. For pet deposits specifically, all or part of the deposit may or may not be refundable. They may do a mandatory carpet cleaning or de-fleaing of the apartment after you leave. Costs such as this will come from your pet deposit. If your dog is well-behaved, you should get as much of your pet deposit back as possible.

    Some dog friendly apartments in Jacksonville will offer special areas for your dog, such as a dog park, a dog run, or just a specified area for them to do their business. Ask about any special activities the complex may plan for their dog-loving tenants.

    Once you settle on a dog friendly Jacksonville apartment, start getting ready for your move. In these preparations, consider your dog. They will be confused by the move, and possibly upset. Try to keep things as low-key and familiar for your dog as possible. You may want to shut them in a small room or their cage (if they have one) while people are moving things in and out of your home. You certainly don't want to have to chase your pup all over the neighborhood in the middle of your move. Once your things are settled, introduce your dog to one room of your new place at a time. Walk them around on their leash at first – don't just let them run all over. Stay calm, which will help your dog stay calm about their new surroundings.

    In your new home, expect your dog to be not quite himself. He may hide, jump on furniture, or have accidents. Be patient with your dog as he adjusts to the new place. He may not be himself for a few days, or even weeks. Eventually, though, he will come to love your new Jacksonville apartment that allows dogs as much as you do.

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