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    Jacksonville Apartments near Public Transportation

    Near Public Transportation

    Find Jacksonville Apartments near Public Transportation

    Being nearby major roads and highways can make or break the location of apartment communities. Understanding that living by these roads and highways means that you’ll also be living relatively close to public transportation options. Public transportation in Jacksonville can take you to main shopping plazas and malls, beaches, service-related businesses and popular restaurants. It also means that you can easily navigate your way through busy cities without having to worry about spending money on gas.

    Apartments near public transportation means living by everything that’s going on in Jacksonville. There’s a lot of different public transportation means in Jacksonville. There’s the Beaches Trolly, Riverside Trolly, Bay Street Trolly, Beaver Street Trolly and the Jacksonville Transportation Authority Skyway and Buses. For those who are environmentally conscious, using public transportation really helps cut down on traffic and gas usage. The JTA offers the affordable STAR Card so that you can ride the trolleys, the buses and even park-and-ride consecutively. The Skyway is free and youth get a reduced rate on their 31-day STAR Card pass. Public transportation provides access to job opportunities for tons of people each day. Taking advantage of that opportunity is a smart thing to do especially when there’s so much opportunity in Jacksonville.

    With so many ways of travel throughout Jacksonville getting where you need to be isn’t hard at all. During high time, the Skyway comes every 3 minutes. Living by JTA bus stops are a convenient way to get to campus, the mall and wherever else you need to get to—even the beach! Jacksonville’s Riverside Trolleys links Downtown and Riverside together. JTA trolleys arrive every 30 minutes. JTA buses run on about 30 different schedules and stops can vary between every 8 to 10 minutes.

    Jacksonville’s roads and highways are already crowded as is—lessen the traffic jams with public transportation. These apartments near public transportation make it easier for you to be more economically and ecologically sustainable. According to the American Public Transportation Association, Americans living in areas served by public transportation save 865 million hours in travel time and 450 million gallons of fuel annually in congestions reduction alone. Gas keeps fluctuating in price and the need to minimize carbon emission is becoming more and more important in today’s world. Help save the planet every time you use the public transportation.

    Living near public transportation helps keep money in wallets and the environment cleaner by reducing carbon footprints. Apartments by public transportation bring you closer to the rest of the community, jobs and at an affordable rate. Let RentJax.com help you find the right apartment by public transportation in Jacksonville.

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