Get to know…Westside

"Westside is the best side", you'll often here residents of this part of town proclaim, the Westside is also another larger area of town west of downtown and north of Orange Park.


The Westside offers many neighborhood varieties with a bit more elbow room, from 1950 style cement block homes in nostalgic and historic neighborhoods like Murray Hill and "old money" neighborhoods like Ortega, as well as planned mega communities including Argyle & Oak Leaf Plantation, two of the newest and largest neighborhoods on Jacksonville's Westside. Straddling the Duval/Clay county line, Argyle and Oak Leaf are now connected to Jacksonville's far-westside by a number of roads, including the Brannan Field-Chaffee Road corridor that links Downtown directly to Middleburg via I-10.

Heads Up

To date the Westside is not known for it's fine dining or shopping options, however there are plenty of nationally recognized chain and fast food restaurants galore. Word of caution for Argyle & Oakleaf residents as the Blanding Blvd entrance during rush hour traffic is enough to make one want to work from home or listen to lots of books on tape to pass the time. Thankfully there are other major entrances to Oakleaf and Argyle so Blanding is not your only option.

Area Attractions

NAS (Naval Air Station) is a major employer in the area so you will find lots of current and retired navy folk on this side of town.  The Westside is one of the best bets to learn to ride or board a horse, with many ranches servicing the area including the family run Diamond D horse ranch. One can find great rare or out of print books at local favorite Chamberlin Bookmine or enjoy a weekend brunch in Ortega's favorite french eatery Pastiche. Golf lovers may want to head over the the public golf course, Bent Creek, which is one of the more affordable golf course communities in the Jacksonville area.

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