Apartments with an Elevator in Jacksonville

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Apartments with an Elevator in Jacksonville

Apartments with Elevators

There's a reason the penthouse is at the top: as you go higher, you get better views! Whether your windows overlook tree tops or are 28-stories up, apartments with an elevator in Jacksonville makes life a little more convenient, and allows you to enjoy the view without being out of breath once you get there!

An elevator in your apartment building can be a wonderful amenity whether you want to avoid stairs in your apartment due to disability or age, your kids are a little too young to manage stairs on their own, or you just don't feel like facing three flights of stairs with bulging grocery bags. There are a few apartments with an elevator in Jacksonville. Besides moving heavy items from the ground floor to your apartment, an elevator certainly makes life just a little easier in several ways:

Moving In and Out of Apartments with an Elevator in Jacksonville

Of course apartments with an elevator in Jacksonville on move-in day makes it easy to get your possessions into your new digs. Your moving company (or your friends' arms, legs and backs) will thank you! And needless to say, moving out with an elevator at your disposal is just as easy as moving in. Tip: Check with the apartment leasing office to see if you can reserve the elevator key for a time so you can easily load the elevator fully to reduce the number of trips. This can also help shut off the beeping that usually occurs when you prop the door open while you load the elevator. Sometimes there are also special freight elevators, separate from the day-to-day ones to help with move in/out.

Day-to-Day Life in Apartments with an Elevator in Jacksonville

Think about what your day looks like. How many times do you run to your car because you forgot something? Go out for groceries or other shopping items from St. Johns Town Center in Jacksonville? It adds up! And although taking the stairs can burn calories, there are times when apartments with an elevator in Jacksonville is just plain sensible. Perhaps you are an avid bike-rider; having an elevator will save you from lugging your bike up and down. Or, perhaps you like to rollerblade along the St. Johns Riverwalk; no need to remove those skates! Just roll from your door to the elevator to the sidewalk. An elevator also makes grocery trips a breeze too. And, if you have small children, you don't have to worry about them falling down stairs, especially when apartment buildings have those open-style steps! Baby on the way? A pregnant mama, and then one who is lugging a 25 lb carrier with an infant in it, will thank you for saving her energy by using the available elevator.

Visitors to Apartments with an Elevator in Jacksonville

Another thing to consider when looking for apartments is how easily accessible is it to your visitors? Do you have older visitors, perhaps grandparents or parents? Can they make it up three flights of stairs? Or perhaps your sister or friend has little ones, and rather than lugging a stroller upstairs, she can easily roll from the car to your door with little effort. Considering searching for apartments with an elevator in Jacksonville with your friends and loved ones in mind when they come to visit makes it just a little more convenient (and considerate).

When searching for apartments with an elevator in Jacksonville, some things to consider when you check out the property are:

  • How many elevators are there?
  • Are they close to parking, or your unit?
  • Are they well-lit and maintained?
  • Are the alternate staircases in good condition in case the elevator is out of order?
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