Apartments in Zip Code 32225 Jacksonville, FL

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    Apartments in Zip Code 32225 Jacksonville, FL


    Find Apartments in 32225 Jacksonville, FL

    32225 apartments, bordered by the St. John's River in the north and Atlantic Boulevard in the south, are located just east of Jacksonville past interstate 295. This picturesque area is home to many different communities that have plenty to offer prospective residents! In addition, you'll be moments away from the Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport and the renowned Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens. If your aspire to live in a quaint, comfortable neighborhood surrounded by nature and scenic bodies of water, you'll definitely want to check out apartments in 32225.

    32225 Apartments: Lease Types

    Before deciding on your next place, you should be familiar with common lease types offered in renting communities. Apartments in 32225 will have most of these options available for you. For example, residents who are relocating to this area for at least a year or two will most likely be looking for a fixed-term lease. This type of lease involves an annual agreement with the leasing office and includes a stable monthly rent. After your lease is up, you can move out of the apartment without any lease breaking fees, or you can renew for another year. Residents who cannot commit to long-term stays may want to choose a short term lease type instead. Don't forget that you can use to filter apartments by lease length!

    32225 Apartments: Features and Amenities

    Are there certain amenities you just can't live without? 32225 apartments have some fantastic bonus features, both inside the units and within the community. If you head over to the search function on our website, you can select from many different filters, including specific neighborhoods, pet-friendly apartments, and a variety of unit amenities in the advanced section. Not sure what to look for? Click on "frequently searched" to discover some of our most popular search terms.

    For example, many residents are looking for pet-friendly communities. When you click on this search term, you'll be able to select from a drop down box titled "pet policy." From here, you can select the type of animal you plan to bring along with you. When considering apartments in 32225 that allow dogs, you may want to call the leasing office and ask for details regarding size, breed, and weight. In addition, although many communities allow exotic pets, there may be a limit on the aquarium or vivarium size, so make sure to get the specifics before making a final decision.

    More about 32225 Apartments

    As mentioned above, units in this area are nearby several bodies of water that make great day-trip destinations. The St. John's River, for example, is a popular spot for fishing, boating, and some exciting volunteer opportunities that focus on preservation of nature. You can also sign up for some fantastic guided tours held throughout the year, such as the Kayak Amelia Guided Tour and the Black Creek Boat Trip. If this sounds like the perfect place to live, is a great place to start your apartment search now!

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