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As someone in college, you're smart enough to know that randomly choosing an apartment from a lengthy list of places is far from the best way to pick your new home. At, we agree with you. Because of this, we've compiled the tools and information you need to make actual informed decisions when it comes to picking UNF apartments. Don't assume you'll just find a place that works; instead, trust our team of local residents and experts to guide you in the right direction. With our help, you'll learn all there is to know about apartments near UNF, so finding the best one won't be hard.

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You go to class for insight from experts; that's why you come here as well. At the capabilities of our team are even more impressive than the tools they've created. These folks are local residents, but they have dedicated their time and effort to learning everything about UNF apartments. In fact, they can answer any question and address any concern you might have. These responses are published weekly, in an FAQ sections that now tops 340 answers. The team also makes a point to check out almost all the apartments near UNF so they stay on top of the latest developments. Whatever you need -- a question answered, a tour scheduled, or something else -- you can trust that we will be here for you.

Your Apartment Questions Answered

  • How can you put a personal touch on your UNF apartment?

    Moving into a new apartment can be a bit of a downer when there's a long list of rules dictating what you can't do with your space. No painting the walls, no hanging pictures with nails, and don't even think about lighting some scented candles! It feels like you're not allowed to put your own personal touch on the place you now call home. But fear not! I've got some cool tips and tricks up my sleeve to help you make that space your own without ruffling any feathers with the management. Let's... Read More »

  • How can I save money on groceries while living in my UNF apartment?

    Living in a University of North Florida student apartment, saving money on groceries is always essential for staying within budget during your college experience. If you are like most right now, you find that prices have risen every time you buy groceries, making it hard to stay on budget. Staying on a budget allows you to concentrate on getting your education and avoid unnecessary stress about money. We compiled some tips below to help you save money on your grocery trips at your UNF... Read More »

  • How to successfully prepare for 8 am classes in apartments near UNF?

    If you are a student attending the University of North Florida, chances are that you will probably be required to attend an 8 am lab or lecture during your time at the university. Most universities offer early morning classes, especially for science and math majors because they are required to open the labs throughout the day for students requiring those classes. Early morning classes require a lot of commitment. If it's required for your major or it's the only class you were able to fit into... Read More »

  • How to avoid drilling holes in apartments near UNF?

    When you look for affordable housing, you might automatically think of it as a home, which is great until you get the urge to hang stuff up on the walls with screws and nails. Depending on the apartment complex, you might be allowed to drill things into the wall, but with my experience living in apartments so far this rarely is ever the case. The liabilities and damages that can result from drilling holes in the walls of UNF apartments are normally something apartment complexes with thousands... Read More »

  • How to host a game night in apartments near UNF?

    If you live in apartments near University of North Florida, chances are you have roommates, friends, and maybe even family members nearby. One of the most rewarding aspects of having your own place is that you can invite people over for a fun game night. Game nights are a great way to get to know new people in an energetic social situation or to spend time with friends and make bonds stronger.Plus, no one can resist the thrill of a little competition. Living in a three-bedroom apartment can... Read More »

  • Where are some cool places to hang out near my UNF apartment?

    The University of North Florida is a relaxed, laid-back campus in the heart of a vibrant Florida city. Jacksonville is a HUGE town, and thankfully UNF apartments are centrally located to loads of fun and interesting things to do that don't cost a lot of money. Check out this handy list of some of J-ville's most interesting places to hang out with friends or family near your UNF apartment! Chill outdoors Now that we have a few precious months of not-scorching temps and relatively nice... Read More »

You can find
Student Apartments

Considering the student population of Jacksonville, it makes sense that there would be plenty of apartments near UNF. The city understands that you want to live and grow (and have a little fun) in a community of your peers, so they have created an environment that's perfect for that.

You can find
All-Inclusive Apartments

It's enough to have multiple classes and assignments to fret over without adding a handful of different bills into the mess. Save yourself some major time as well as stress by opting for one of the UNF apartments that is all-inclusive. It's always nice to have one less thing to worry about!

You can find
Roommate Matching

Of course you want to live with someone that fits your lifestyle! Everyone does. Fortunately, there are plenty of apartments near UNF that offer roommate matching services, using questionnaires to pair you up with a likeminded person. You might just meet your best roomie forever.

You can find
Furnished Apartments

Don't let your lack of furniture (other than the stuff you salvaged from your childhood bedroom) get you down! There are countless UNF apartments that come fully furnished, all set for you to live in as soon as you walk through the door. It's not often a student budget can furnish an apartment!