Jacksonville Apartments that Allow Cats

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Jacksonville Apartments that Allow Cats

Cats Allowed

Find Cat Friendly Apartments in Jacksonville

Having a cat can make living in an otherwise lonely apartment a more comfortable experience. Cats are well suited to live in smaller spaces than dogs, and are also less hassle. Cats can be trained to use the litter box (or, if you have lots of time, the toilet), keeping you from having to take them outside to relieve themselves and exercise. Cats are also perfectly happy walking around your apartment – they don’t need to go outside to sniff new things. Cats are really a great pet to have while living in a Jacksonville apartment that allows pets.

For the most part, apartment complexes welcome cats. Of course, cats can be problematic living indoors, and may causes damages like tearing the window blinds or scratching up the walls. Thus, some places do not welcome cats. If you own a cat and are planning to move to Jacksonville, this page is a great place to find a cat friendly apartment in Jacksonville! The interactive tools at the top of the page allow you to filter based on pet allowances, price, neighborhood, amenities, and much more. If you’re looking for an amazing new home for you and your kitty, you’ve come to the right place!

During your move, take into consideration that your cat doesn’t understand why his whole world is getting messed up. He won’t understand why you’ve moved all “his” things around, and may start acting up. Hopefully, your cat will adjust easily, but don’t assume that he will. Give your cat a few days to adjust to your new cat friendly Jacksonville apartment. You may want to move his stuff into a closet or less used room for a few days until he gets used to the new surroundings. Try to spend time with your cat, if it appears that they want attention. They may prefer to be left alone.

After you move, you may want to see what new things your cat might be tempted to mess with in your new Jacksonville apartment that allows cats. You should keep an eye on cords for blinds, cords, breakable objects, plants, and new furniture, all of which may invite some mischief by your cat. If you find the cat continually scratching things it should, see about buying a scratching post, or even making one yourself. There are many online tutorials for this. Your cat will eventually want to explore their new home, and you should try to let them do so safely.

Even if you don’t own a cat or any pet at this time, you still may want to look into your future home’s pet policies. You may find that a cat would work well into your current lifestyle. Cats require little maintenance, often being happy to be left on their own for most of the day. Of course, all cats are different, and some do want to be given attention periodically, be it through cuddling or playing. Kittens will of course require more work than adult cats. If you decide that you do want to add a cat to your family, there are many local shelters with both cats and kittens available for adoption in Jacksonville.

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