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Danielle Barnych

Danielle has always been a girl on the move. She has lived in Seattle, Los Angeles, and Florida twice, and now resides in Tallahassee. Her current place of residence is a convenient off-campus apartment near the beautiful Florida State University where she studies Creative Writing and Psychology. She has been a Staff Writer for Her Campus at FSU for two years now and hopes to one day publish books of her own.

During her first year at FSU, she lived in an on-campus dorm before transitioning to apartment-style living. As far as her living situations have gone, she understands the challenge of living with people you either know completely or know nothing about entirely. Not to mention, living with pets can prove to be both an equally rewarding and strenuous commitment. Although this is her first year living with a dog, Danielle has acclimated to a pet environment and even plans to get a pet of her own in the near future. Although not every living situation has proved to be ideal, she has always found a silver lining in the fact that you never know until you try.

If one thing's certain, Danielle loves a change of scenery. Through her experiences of moving across the country, she has always found Florida to be the one place she continues to call home. Whether it's on campus, near campus, or a completely different area entirely, Danielle has picked up some of the secrets to perfecting the on-the-go lifestyle. When Danielle isn't on the run, she likes to ground herself in a good book, find local gems in her community, or simply jump in the car and head to the park with some friends. She's always looking for new experiences and hopes to inspire others to do the same.