How to avoid drilling holes in apartments near UNF?

When you look for affordable housing, you might automatically think of it as a home, which is great until you get the urge to hang stuff up on the walls with screws and nails. Depending on the apartment complex, you might be allowed to drill things into the wall, but with my experience living in apartments so far this rarely is ever the case. The liabilities and damages that can result from drilling holes in the walls of UNF apartments are normally something apartment complexes with thousands of residents try to avoid.

That being said, hanging stuff on the walls isn't completely out of the picture. There are hardware alternatives and other ways to get things off the floor and hung up without even touching the walls in the first place, which is great for anyone who wants to avoid paying damages before moving out.

Use Removable Hooks in UNF apartments

The go-to for most college students in either dorm rooms or apartments is command hooks. These kinds of hooks allow for a variety of different things to be hung up on the walls and the best part is that when you want to remove it, you pull the adhesive, and it comes right off the walls. They come in different hook sizes, shapes, and can withstand a certain amount of weight depending on the type of hook purchased.

A couple of other hanging alternatives for apartments near UNF include stick putty, which can hang up papers and pictures that you have of your friends, family, and roommates, and adhesive tape, which can be pretty strong and securely stick things to the wall.

Although all of these might seem like the ultimate college hack, they aren't completely foolproof. They can take off the paint on the wall they are attached to. Also, they can fall off if they aren't secured correctly and the adhesive doesn't stay sticky forever.

Stack Things in Apartments Near UNF

Sometimes, hanging things on the wall isn't the best option for decorating your apartment. Instead, starting from the ground up can create less chance of damage. Some hanging alternatives include bookshelves and standing racks with hooks that stand alone and don't even touch the wall. In this way, there's a very slim chance that you will leave marks and holes in the wall.

Stacking things in UNF apartments can create an interesting décor style that is minimalistic and cost-effective because all you have to do is use containers and things you already own. In my apartment, I have wooden crates that I stack on top of each other to make a makeshift bookshelf for my classic literature. It's creative, stylish, and serves a useful purpose without ruining my walls.

Also, living in an already furnished apartment can give you more places to decorate. If you have a lot of stuff, finding apartments with storage space can also give you a place to stow away things and get them in higher places and off the floors.

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