How can you put a personal touch on your UNF apartment?

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Moving into a new apartment can be a bit of a downer when there's a long list of rules dictating what you can't do with your space. No painting the walls, no hanging pictures with nails, and don't even think about lighting some scented candles! It feels like you're not allowed to put your own personal touch on the place you now call home. But fear not! I've got some cool tips and tricks up my sleeve to help you make that space your own without ruffling any feathers with the management. Let's dive in, shall we?

Crafty Hanging Alternatives

If you're a college student living in an off-campus apartment, you might be disappointed about not being able to hang up your wall decorations using regular nails. But fear not! There are plenty of alternatives at your disposal. One nifty option is poster putty, which you can find in most stores or order online. It's perfect for putting up posters, photos, small whiteboards for school, or even tiny pieces of artwork. However, if you've got something bigger in mind, like a larger piece of art or hanging lights, then command hooks are your best bet. You can easily find them in various stores or online. These hooks can hold more weight than poster putty and are great for supporting larger items, as well as being handy for clipboards or calendars. All in all, these two options can work wonders for any college student looking to add a personal touch to their living space.

Soothing Aromatherapy Options

If you're living in an off-campus apartment, chances are you can't light up candles to create a cozy atmosphere and enjoy some pleasant fragrances. But hey, don't despair! College students like us have other tricks up their sleeves to make their space smell fantastic without open flames. Enter wax melts, a fantastic alternative. You can easily find them in stores or online. Just pop them on a heat warmer or melter, and voila! Your space will be filled with delightful scents. Keep in mind that wax melts tend to lose their scent over time, though. So, if you're looking for a more sustainable option, consider getting an essential oil diffuser. These nifty devices use essential oils to diffuse your preferred scents into the air, instantly making your space smell amazing. In the end, whether you go for wax melts or an essential oil diffuser, you can avoid any trouble with your off-campus apartment's management while enjoying the soothing aromas that suit your taste.

Décor Delights

Now that we've covered ways to spruce up your walls and add warmth to your space without candles let's explore some budget-friendly options for college students to enhance their off-campus apartments. If you're looking to add some personality, posters are a great go-to. You can find posters of your favorite shows and movies in select stores or online if you know where to look. And hey, if you can't find exactly what you're after, you can always unleash your creativity and design your own posters on sites like Etsy or Amazon. Another cool option that won't break the bank is hanging lights. They can instantly add a cozy vibe to your space and are available at affordable prices. If you're in the mood for more decor ideas, consider wall organizers or trendy macrame wall hangings. These additions can bring both functionality and style to your apartment. So, take heart! You have plenty of options to make your space a reflection of your unique personality and style without emptying your wallet.

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