How can I save money on groceries while living in my UNF apartment?

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Ciel Apartments are close to the University of North Florida and a Costco to buy some groceries in bulk to save money.

Living in a University of North Florida student apartment, saving money on groceries is always essential for staying within budget during your college experience. If you are like most right now, you find that prices have risen every time you buy groceries, making it hard to stay on budget. Staying on a budget allows you to concentrate on getting your education and avoid unnecessary stress about money. We compiled some tips below to help you save money on your grocery trips at your UNF apartment.

As you attend UNF, your free time may be limited, but you may save a lot of money each month by shopping around. Learn when your favorite stores have sales and buy store brand products when available. Publix usually has many products for BOGO (buy one get one free), which is excellent for things that you use a lot, and you may want to stock up on items during those sales. In the southside of Jacksonville, just west of the University of North Florida campus, you will find Aldi. Aldi is a favorite for all who love getting the most groceries for the lowest prices. You may also want to compare prices at Target and Walmart.

Buying local is especially beneficial when purchasing food, including meats and produce. It helps support your local community, saves transportation costs which trickle down to saving you money in some cases. The Jacksonville Farmers Market located in northside Jacksonville is open every day to easily fit in with your school schedule.

It may make sense to buy in bulk for some items such as paper towels, toilet paper, or your favorite rice. A membership to Sam's Club or Costco Wholesale may make sense if you plan to buy a lot in bulk. If you have roommates, you may want to put your money together on some items to share.

During the pandemic, many started using the various pickup services and have continued since then. Almost all your favorite stores offer some type of service, whether you choose inside the store or curbside pickup or home delivery through Instacart or Shipt. Although some of these services charge a little extra, in the long run, it may save you money by avoiding those impulse buys that we are all guilty of making. You can do your order from your apartment near UNF or during a break between classes, then pick up or have it delivered at a time convenient for your schedule. This service allows you time to double-check your list for everything you need without the extras of shopping in-store.

Similar to pick up services above, making a list and following the list helps you avoid the impulse buys of every grocery trip. Keep a notepad in your kitchen where you can write down things that you run out of as you notice them. This daily task helps you avoid forgetting anything when your grocery trip comes along. If an item isn't on your list, it doesn't make it in your cart. It keeps you organized and will save you money.

Trying to stay within a budget while also attending college can be stressful, especially when the prices rise again every time you go to the store. We hope these tips help you save money on your grocery trips while living in your apartment near UNF.

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