How can I have a stress-free holiday in my Jacksonville apartment?

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Not everyone enjoys the holiday season – but you can enjoy a stress-free holiday in your Jacksonville apartment and focus on your reasons for joy instead.

Jacksonville's diverse neighborhoods, gorgeous natural landscape, and thriving social scene are chock full of distractions and opportunities to spread good cheer.


  • Self-care – First and foremost, you should check-in with yourself. Make sure you're staying hydrated. Perhaps you need to pamper yourself? Treat yourself to a massage or a spa day – several of the area's best spa treatments can be found along A1A near Jax Beach
  • Accept chaos – With all the parties, travel, family, and various other pressures during this time of year, it's best to just accept your usual schedule will be disrupted, diets and exercise regimens will be harder to follow, and there will be general pandemonium. Have you tried a relaxing, easy yoga class? Mindful Motion near UNF apartments is very highly rated, as is Yoga Den in the Southside.
  • Embrace what you love – If you love the lights, treat yourself to a drive through Riverside or San Marco to see the street decorations and brightly lit homes. If you like egg nog and pumpkin pie, then let yourself indulge. Pick out the aspects of this season that make you feel OK, and simply don't think about the rest. 
  • Get outside – Yes, it's kind of a cliché, but it's a scientific fact that spending time outdoors breathing fresh air and taking in the sights will help reduce symptoms of anxiety. Thankfully, the Duval has abundant natural beauty for you to enjoy, even in the winter. Here are a few lovely places where you can get some exercise and find some peace:
    • Memorial Park – This stunning riverfront park is the perfect location for a leisurely stroll or brisk run, and you can stop and admire the St. John's River wildlife. 
    • Anastasia State Park – Right across the bay from St. Augustine, this quietly magnificent beachfront on Anastasia Island is a favorite of locals.
    • Little Talbot Island – Convenient to Northside apartments, this barrier island offers a pristine beach that looks like a movie set and is rarely crowded. 
  • Spend less money – There's so much pressure to spend unwisely during the holidays, but you can say "no." The best gifts are memories and experiences, and the Jax area has plenty of places to go and share a meal or have an enjoyable time that don't cost a fortune. You can also benefit local artists and small businesses by checking out the shops in San Marco, 5 Points, Avondale, or the Beaches Town Center in Atlantic Beach. 
  • Unplug – TV (even streaming services these days) and social media can stress you out needlessly. This a great time to read some incredible books, peruse the latest fashion mags, or get really good at playing cards and board games. Help yourself decompress with a visit to:
    • Chamblin Bookmine – Head on over to the Westside and pick up comics, weird stuff, rare books, whatever you like, then have a snack in their adorable café. 
    • San Marco Bookstore – Open since 1972, this independent store carries a huge range of things book lovers will drool over. They've also got several feisty book clubs and are huge supporters of our local community. 
    • 2nd and Charles – Treat yourself to something cool from this hipster swap shop near Town Center apartments. Featuring books, musical instruments, tabletop games, and toys, you're sure to find something or many somethings that are way cooler than scrolling your phone. 


These are just a few ideas for making the holidays in your Jacksonville apartment more relaxing and less stressful. For more tips on chilling and enjoying the Jacksonville lifestyle, stay tuned to RentJax!

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