I’m new to the Jacksonville area. How can I meet people and make friends in my Jacksonville apartment?

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SoBA apartments offers it's residents a prime location in downtown Jacksonville, perfect for anyone eager to meet new people in a city full of exciting activities and events!

It can be somewhat stressful for anyone trying to make friends in a new area, let alone acclimating to living in a new apartment in Jacksonville. If you are one of these people struggling, don't worry! There are plenty of ways to branch out and get comfortable living in a new place. As someone who has moved many times in their life, I can promise you it gets easier if you are willing to go out and learn the area and meet the people living there.

Moving, especially if you are by yourself, doesn't always have to feel lonely and if you look for affordable housing, chances are you won't be as isolated from other people compared to expensive and often private options. If you prefer less noise, however, choosing quiet apartments might be a better option.

Luckily, if you are more of a social person, living in a highly populated city like Jacksonville will work to your advantage.

Research Activities Near Apartments in Jacksonville

It's less difficult to meet new people when you decide to get involved in activities going on in the area you live. The activities don't always have to be physically taxing but getting outside might provide some benefits for your mental health and physical wellness. Not to mention, being outdoors can provide some well-needed vitamin D, perfect for anyone living in the sunshine state known for its year-round sunny weather.

Some fun activities you can start can include any kind of sport, crafting and arts, and volunteering for shelters and other charities near your Jacksonville apartment. Also, going to the movies, bar hopping if you enjoy drinking and food, or even getting a job and hanging out with coworkers can create a social environment where you can meet more people. If you don't have a car and are worried this will hinder you from doing this, picking apartments near public transportation or apartments in downtown Jacksonville can bring you closer to all the action.

Meet Your Jacksonville Apartment Neighbors

You might be fortunate enough to move into a 4+ bedroom apartment where you have built-in friends or people you can potentially spend time with. Living with other people is always a great option when you want to meet people with of a similar age and living preferences. However, this isn't always the case, especially if you and your Jacksonville apartment roommates don't get along well.

In this case, walking a door or two down and introducing yourself to your neighbors is the most straightforward way to meet new people. This might seem somewhat awkward at first, but the reality is that you will probably run into them or see them often because they live next door. Plus, they could become good friends of yours, and you wouldn't even know it unless you tried.

Overall, an open mind and a willingness to communicate and socialize will be some of the best advantages you have when trying to make friends and start relationships with people in a new area.

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