How to choose a Jacksonville apartment that is good for kids?

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Waterford at Mandarin
The Mandarin area in Jacksonville is a quiet, family-oriented location for your Jacksonville apartment. The Waterford at Mandarin apartments offers a swimming pool and courts to play volleyball, tennis, or racquetball that your family will enjoy.

If you are moving to Jacksonville and looking for a good apartment for kids, we have a list of tips to guide you in searching for the perfect apartment in Jacksonville for your family.



Jacksonville is a big city. In fact, it is the largest city by land area in the contiguous United States. You will want to keep this in mind as you search for a Jacksonville apartment. Some families prefer the walkability option of downtown Jacksonville and the neighboring area of Riverside. Riverside allows you to walk, ride your bikes to local parks, restaurants, and shopping. This location may also be convenient for your work location. Many people work in downtown Jacksonville where it may make sense to walk, ride your bike, or use Jacksonville's public transportation through Jacksonville Transportation Authority for your work commute. Or others choose to live outside the central downtown area and commute from other Jacksonville neighborhoods. Other popular locations include Orange Park, Jacksonville Beach, Mandarin, or further south in St. John's County. You may want to spend some time driving around the area to decide where the best location is for your work commute.


No matter the age of your children, the school options or childcare is an essential factor when choosing where to live in the Jacksonville area. Once you get a good idea of a location that will work with your employment location and commute, you may want to explore the Duval County Public School district. Is there a school close to your apartment in Jacksonville? What academic programs or extracurricular activities does the school offer? For childcare or private school options, visit the Fun 4 First Coast Kids website for a list of available choices in the area. Some may prefer a school or childcare location close to home, especially if the kids are older and can go home by themselves once the school day has ended. Or some prefer a location closer to work, which may work if you need to pick them up quickly during the day due to illness or other unforeseen situations.


The next item to keep in mind while searching for a Jacksonville apartment that will work best for your family, and we're sure your kids will enjoy exploring and may have a lot of input in, is the apartment amenities. With the almost year-round mild weather here in Florida, nearly all apartment complexes have many outdoor options to keep families busy with fun. Swimming pools, playgrounds, game rooms, tennis courts, outdoor BBQ grills are just a few of the top options that come to mind. If you have a family pet, such as a dog, you will find some apartments in Jacksonville include walking trails, a dog park, and other outdoor spaces for the furry family members. Search on our RentJax website and click Features and Amenities to explore all available options.

Jacksonville has a lot to offer families, from the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens to the beautiful beaches and St. Johns River, museums, sporting events, and more. We are sure you and your family will find the spot to call home with your new apartment in Jacksonville, and we hope this article helps you on your way.

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