What Are Some Tips For Making My Military Housing in Jacksonville Feel More Like Home?

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Coventry Gardens' gorgeous, modern apartments are easy to keep organized - and RentJax is here with tips and tricks to make your Jacksonville apartment feel like home!

It's a new year (whew!) and time to renew, refocus, and recharge. The best ways to refresh your military rental in Jacksonville are cleaning, de-cluttering, and organizing. You've probably seen the nice lady on TV telling you to throw out anything that doesn't give you joy, and that's a great place to start. The phrase "spring cleaning" isn't just a silly old saying, the words hearken back to ancient traditions. In agricultural communities, it was crucial to remove the winter's dead detritus to clear space for the planting of new crops. Unlikely you'll be plowing a huge field in metropolitan Jacksonville, but here are some tips on how to incorporate the spirit of spring renewal into your home for a crisp new start.

So Fresh and So Clean

According to home renovation superstar Bob Vila, natural products and common household items are secretly some of your most powerful weapons against dirt and grime. He recommends using coffee filters to clean windows – they leave way fewer streaks than paper towels and the blue stuff. Bob also suggests refreshing your washing machine by running a cycle with just mouthwash. If you live in an apartment with a washer and dryer included, then be sure to regularly eliminate odor-causing bacteria from your machine. Lemons, white vinegar, baking soda, and essential oils are the industrious soldiers in your housecleaning army. Inexpensive and nontoxic, these simple items can do so much heavy lifting when it comes to cleaning. Use lemons to clean chrome fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms, freshen kitchen drains, and bust through stubborn stuck-on food in your microwave. Two cups of lemon juice with one-half cup of baking soda and some extremely hot water will work wonders for clearing annoying drain clogs. A mixture of regular old salt and white vinegar can be remarkably effective at getting up stains from carpeting or stainless-steel sinks. Apartments with glass top stoves will definitely benefit from a lemon cleaning session.

Ditch That Clutter That's Holding You Back

Take a moment to examine your space and get rid of things that are obviously just not useful, charming, decorative, or that give you an uneasy feeling. Military families and personnel are constantly on the move and having less stuff will equal less stress. De-cluttering also gives you an opportunity to donate items you no longer need but that are still perfectly fine to a local worthy cause; children's furniture and dress clothes for families are always high demand items. Experts suggest you start the de-clutter process with just five minutes a day, starting with something non-threatening, like clearing off a counter or just a shelf. But whether you live in bustling Arlington or along the Intercoastal Waterway, wrangling your mail, important papers, receipts, et cetera can certainly be a daunting challenge. Get started by using a quite simple filing system customized to your needs – just things to handle soon, things to shred, and things to file away, perhaps. Shredders are super affordable right now and help keep your private details out of the hands of jerks who want to steal your identity, and the shredded remains can then be recycled safely. 

Apartment Organization Hacks

The internet is filled with tips and tricks for organizing your space, your family, and your life – but not all of them have any worth. Sometimes you just don't have a lot of extra cash to buy cutesy little boxes and trays, or any time to follow some complicated system. Once you de-clutter your Jacksonville apartment, then you can focus on those areas that need to be organized. If you're living in military housing near Jacksonville's gorgeous beaches, you may need storage solutions for your watersports equipment or your bathing suit collection. If you are a culinary expert, then you need no-nonsense ideas for taming your utensils and cookware. Look for ideas that incorporate racks, shelving, and adjustable pegboards. Many of the things you need to create simple, yet effective organization methods can be obtained at your local dollar store.

No matter where you reside in Jacksonville, you'll feel so much more relaxed and happier with an elegant, clean, and organized space. Be sure to check RentJax frequently for more tips and tricks on how to make the best out of your military housing in Jacksonville!
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