What are the best places for shopping near Jacksonville apartments?

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220 Riverside
220 Riverside is an apartment complex across the bridge from San Marco's neighborhood. With just 2.8 miles away from the quaint boutiques and antique shops, 220 Riverside is ideal for those who want shopping at their fingertips.

If you're a recovering shopaholic, steer clear from Jacksonville because any corner could be a trigger for an unprecedented shopping spree. Jacksonville's expansive variety of shopping centers, including avenues, outlets, and even boutiques, cover all 904 areas. From shopping at the beach to full out outdoor malls, Jacksonville encompasses all forms of shopping. Indeed, with so many options, light retail therapy could be just moments away from your Jacksonville apartment. 

Here are the top 3 best places to shop in Jacksonville, Florida.  

Boutique and antiques in San Marco 

San Marco, located south of downtown Jacksonville near Baptist Health, is ideal for heightening your shopping senses. The fine art galleries and theatres surrounding the boutique and antique shops arguably make for a tasteful shopping spree. For any collectors looking to find rarities, the San Marco bookstore is a gem in finding rare books. Perhaps you could find a 19th-century stopwatch or even some cool décor for your Jacksonville apartment. If strolling through a living time machine sounds interesting, find more information on Visit Jacksonville's San Marco website.   

Beaches Town Center 

Jacksonville's extensive list of beaches is undeniably their gem. Combine the beaches' scenery and the exhilaration of retail therapy and make the picture-perfect cocktail for a Saturday afternoon. Beaches Town center, located in Neptune Beach, has a stretch of local shops and restaurants to peruse. With a front view of the Atlantic Ocean and various shops ranging from surf to fashion to jewelry, you won't get enough of the town center. The beaches town center also free parking from midnight to 11 am on weekdays, so be sure to get that early bird parking. For more information on the shops and other amenities at the town center, be sure to check out their website.  

St. Johns Town Center 

The Mecca of all shopping centers in the Jacksonville area is the St. Johns Town Center, as it is the home of all name brand stores and more. The center, located near UNF, ranges from high-end luxury stores like Louis Vuitton to more Gen-Z directed stores like Hollister and American Eagle. COVID-19 measures have even allowed for curbside-pickup options for certain stores to make your shopping experience as safe as possible. Any store you can name, St John Center, probably has it as the shopping center houses over 150 stores and is about 50 acres wide. There's definitely no end to the shopping barrel at the St. John Town center, so be careful when you step foot inside because you might not come out. For more information on stores, hours, and directions, be sure to check out the center's website.  

Jacksonville is full of different shopping centers that range from local to name brand to even antique. There are countless shopping experiences to look out for in Jacksonville and just minutes away from most apartments. For a larger list of shops in Jacksonville, check out Visit Jacksonville's website listing the best of the best, linked here. Maybe you'll catch yourself heading over to your nearest shopping center at the end of this sentence.

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