With the new year approaching, I am looking for green new year’s resolution ideas that I can do in my Jacksonville apartment. Any suggestions?

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Broadstone River House
Broadstone River House on the St. Johns river provides opportunities to walk to many restaurants and entertainment along with recycling. Plus there is a JTA Bus Stop and the JTA Skyway is nearby.

I think many of us are excited and relieved to put 2020 behind us and welcome 2021. You like many others are looking for ways to live more of a green lifestyle in your apartment in Jacksonville. We compiled a list of easy and fun ideas to try in the new year below. If you are in the process of searching for a new apartment click on green efforts on RentJax.com. From there you can search for apartments that offer recycling, low energy lighting, community garden, native landscaping, and other green living options. Now let's get started on some resolution ideas.



This is an easy one to start with on our list. The idea is to stop buying bottled water and buy yourself a reusable water bottle to refill. Maybe another resolution is to increase your daily water intake and the water bottle will help you meet your goals. A reusable straw is also a great idea to cut down on waste. Target has this affordable 9pc Stainless Steel & Silicone Straw Set with cleaner available for purchase.



Not only does buying local help your community's economy and supports your neighbors it also reduces our carbon footprint by requiring less gas. Try to walk, bike or use public transportation to your favorite shops or buy local food from a farmer's market, like the Jacksonville Farmers Market. Local food uses less energy to get to you and you will get more seasonal options that are available in our area.



Many Jacksonville apartments offer recycling for paper, glass, and plastic. Check with your apartment for the recycling options available or see if there is a way to get a recycling program started. If you are done with books, clothes and other items see if there is a local shop that you can donate to instead of just throwing them away and eventually to the landfills.



Some apartments advertise that they use low energy lighting. Check with your apartment to see if this an option or replace your own lights. The U.S. Department of Energy provides a lot of great information on the different lighting choices available on the market that can also save you money.



Composting is the process of turning your kitchen waste into nutrient-rich soil through natural decomposition. Per the EPA composting "reduces methane emissions from landfills and lowers your carbon footprint." Composting also frees up room in regular trash and our landfills, once you start you will be amazed at what you can compost. Composting may be an option that some may not think is possible in apartment living but many containers make it very doable in any amount of space that you have. Check with your apartment complex to see if they have any rules against indoor or patio composting. Find a container and begin or check out Apple Rabbit Compost a business that provides a composting service. They provide the container, provide pickup or drop off and if you don't need the compost yourself they donate to others that do in the community.  

We hope this list gets you off to a greener 2021 in your Jacksonville apartment!

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