How to get the best natural light in Jacksonville apartments?

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When living in beautiful, sunny Jacksonville, It's always nice to maximize the amount of sunlight exposure you get while staying at a Jacksonville apartment. A lot of apartments don't give you the option to choose a space and they instead assign a room to you before you move in. You might not get a room with huge windows and lots of light, so taking advantage of what you already have is key!

One way to ensure that you get as much light as possible is to look into getting either a smoke-free apartment or a luxury apartment in Jacksonville. Smoke creates worse visibility and if you or your roommates want the best light possible staying away from areas that can block your light quality will be beneficial. In luxury apartment complexes, it's more common to see more windows in the common areas and rooms because it gives the rooms a more luxurious and open feel.

Pick a Room Facing the Sun at Apartments in Jacksonville

A great tip for finding an apartment in Jacksonville that faces the sun is to tour the apartment multiple times. If you know where your room is going to be within the apartment, you might be able to tell if the room will get very little or ample light exposure during the day. If you live in a 1-bedroom apartment, you won't have to worry about picking a room at all because you will have the whole place to yourself!

This tip is not always something you can do ahead of time, but after you move into your Jacksonville apartment and experience it for a few days, you will soon realize if you got a room that has plenty of light or not much light at all and select your room décor from there. Sometimes people get lucky with a room bursting with natural light. If this is not your scenario, then you can still maximize light by taking a few extra steps to improve light exposure after moving in.

Clean Your Jacksonville Apartment Windows Often

Believe it or not, one of the easiest and most effective ways to maximize light in a space is to make sure you clean your windows once every few weeks. Windows can get dirty and dusty very easily, so using a quality window cleaner and a non-streaking, microfiber cloth to clean up is the best combination for sparkling, clean results.

Try Not to Cover or Block Light Coming in From the Windows

Normally, people have thick blinds and curtains over their windows in Jacksonville apartments for decoration. This can completely deter any light from coming in, making you think that you must use a lamp or other artificial lights instead. Something as simple as a thin curtain or shade can allow light to come in gently, without blocking it completely.

Hang Up Reflective Décor on Jacksonville Apartment Walls

One of the most common types of reflective décor is mirrors. Not only can mirrors be placed up against the wall, but they can also be hung up on a wall or the back of a door depending on where the light shines through in your apartment in Jacksonville. The light will reflect off any shiny object, so you don't have to limit yourself to just mirrors. Reflective décor can be a lot of fun to play around with, so research some trendy options and make your space brighter and bigger, with the addition of décor that will give you more light exposure.

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