What does my military housing mean when they say they offer free Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi has become an essential part of our everyday lives; almost every device we come into contact with can connect to the Internet, even the ones that really do not need it. Military housing understand this need, and many complexes are happy to provide residents with a free Wi-Fi service.

So, what does it mean for military housing to offer free Wi-Fi? Basically it allows residents to access the Internet wireless in the common areas of the complex. These areas include places such as the clubhouse, gym, pool area or other public residential areas.

To prevent any confusion from happening, this does not mean that military housing with free Wi-Fi will provide it in your apartment. There is no military housing that offers the Internet without charge in your unit. There are, however, some apartment complexes that do include utilities, including the Internet, in your rent payment.

This means that you will not have to worry about setting up your own account with the cable company when living in military housing. All your cable services and payments will be taken care of by the apartment complex you are living in; however, it is still not free. You are still paying for your Internet in this type of military housing, it is just done through the apartment complex you are living in.

Military housing that includes the Internet in its rent payments do not provide a wireless connection either. They provide a modem for residents to connected their devices to, or create their own connection with a router. A router is never provided by military housing for a unit, and must always be brought in by the resident living there.

Don't worry though, setting up a router is a rather simple process; in addition, they aren't very expensive. Remember that a modem is what translates the Internet for your computers, and a router is what delivers the wireless signal. If you, and your roommates, are having any problems, I am sure the maintenance staff in any military housing complex will be glad to lend you a hand.

So, let's reiterate a few things to avoid any confusion. While there is plenty of military housing that offers free Wi-Fi, you should remember that it is for public residential areas only. The Internet is never free for residents in their own personal units, but may be included in the rent payments in order to make the monthly process easier.

There are some military housing complexes that offer computer labs, however, for those of you who do not want to pay for the Internet in your own unit. These are perfectly effective for browsing the web and doing work, but not for extraneous activities such as online gaming.

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