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Nick Sutter

Nick Sutter is a Florida native who grew up in South Florida. He is currently pursuing an Advertising degree at the University of Florida. Born with the heart of a writer and the core of a nerd, he seems to be constantly looking for new experiences to satisfy his own curiosity.

Nick's curiosity got its fill when he came to Gainesville. After four years of college he has learned a lot about the local area, including the apartments within it. Nick understands the importance of having a real home. Finding the best place to live in a new environment can make a huge difference. Everyone needs their own Fortress of Solitude.

In his free time, Nick enjoys spending time with his friends. Whether it's going to Midtown or sitting on the porch, there is always some fun to be had in Gainesville. He also enjoys his personal time, and likes to recharge his batteries by reading, writing, gaming, and watching some Netflix.