What's included in my rent at apartments in Jacksonville?

First off, it's important to understand that not all apartments in Jacksonville are the same. Many will include certain amenities and features in the rent while others will not. For the communities that offer certain perks in the rent, these usually include utilities, internet, cable and/or parking.

Apartments in Jacksonville that include utilities such as electric, water and/or gas are usually very convenient for people looking to pay one lump sum each month. If you paid for each utility separately, you would have to keep track of multiple payments and due dates each month. Some apartments in Jacksonville make this easy for you by including these utilities in their rent price. This type of rental situations can also be referred to as all-inclusive apartments. Typically what happens in these types of situations, the apartment company makes a deal with a local utility company to offer a service at a discounted rate. The office will pay a flat fee for the service, and then charge each resident a set amount each month. However, this is already included into your rent so you won't know the difference. The only drawback here is that often times, apartments in Jacksonville may set a utility cap, since there are so many users. This means you will need to stay under the cap, or pay a fine at the end of the month.

Some renters consider some of the best apartments in Jacksonville to be the ones that include internet and cable. This sure does make it easy when making a move into your new home! There is no calling to set up your service, all you have to do is plug in and go. Some cable and internet services will have to send a technician out if you have to set it up yourself, so you could potentially be waiting for days. If these amenities are included into your rent, you won't have to worry about a separate bill. One drawback is that you don't really get to choose the cable or internet company you will be using. Much like the utility companies, the apartment office makes a deal with a certain company and they must provide only that company in their units.

For many apartments in Jacksonville, it typically goes without saying that parking is included in your rent each month. However, there are some communities that may charge for spots for multiple vehicles or for even one vehicle, due to lack of a parking area. Some communities offer covered or garage parking for extra fees as well, so this amount may not be included in your monthly rent. For the most part however, parking spots are considered a part of your amenities package. You will want to make sure to ask the office where you are allowed to park. Many apartments in Jacksonville have strict rules on parking spots. Some may require you to use a decal, while others assign numbered spots. You may want to know if it is street parking only or more of a free-for-all approach. Also, be careful when inviting guests over, especially if they plan on staying overnight. Many communities implement visitor parking spots. If your friends or family are not parked in the designated areas, they may be subject to getting towed at their expense.

No matter which apartments in Jacksonville you choose, access to amenities is always included in your rent.  The fun part is narrowing down which community best fits your lifestyle!

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