My new Jacksonville apartment has a courtesy patrol, what does this mean?

Everyone wants to feel safe in their home, and for those people looking for extra security, there are several Jacksonville apartments that cater to that need. Some apartments offer alarm systems, controlled access or even a gated community, while others offer more unique security features. One of these features is known as a courtesy patrol.

So, what is a courtesy patrol? Simply put, it's the presence of a police offer in the community. This is different from a security officer, who is an employee paid by Jacksonville apartments to work shifts in an apartment complex.

Courtesy patrol officers are basically always on call for the complex they are at, and rent Jacksonville apartments at their patrol location for a discounted rate. In return, they are expected to serve the community in terms of providing protection and a fast response time.

This means that if anything happens in Jacksonville apartments that have a courtesy patrol, you won't have to wait long for an officer to take action. Not only is this great in case something happens, but also because it can deter crime in general.

If a criminal wants to break in somewhere, they are going to go for the easiest place to do so, especially when it comes to apartments in Jacksonville. They will know that an officer lives in the community, because his police vehicle is parked in an area that is visible to everyone in the neighborhood. This is done for a reason, to ensure that anyone looking to cause trouble might think twice before taking action.

Another benefit of having a courtesy officer in Jacksonville apartments, is that unlike security officers, they are professionally trained. After all, these officers are off-duty policemen, with all the skills and equipment that come with the job.

They also have a direct connection the police in your area, which can definitely come in handy if something were to happen in Jacksonville apartments. Not only do you have the quick response of an officer in your community, but of the police force as well.

In addition, remember that this officer is not just an employee, but a neighbor. There is a sense of ownership there that just cannot be matched. If the general benefits were not enough to motivate an officer to do his job well, then protecting his own community in Jacksonville apartments definitely will.

So, if you are concerned about your safety while living in any of the apartments in Jacksonville, you may want to consider looking at having a courtesy patrol, along with any of the other great security features. Not only will you have a quicker response to any crime, but the presence of an officer in your community will help prevent any problems from happening in the first place.

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