What does controlled access mean at UNF apartments?

Controlled access in UNF apartments means that there is a security measure put in place to control the people who have access to either the community and/or buildings. Two types of controlled access are a security gate and a key card or fob. People often feel secure when searching for rental apartments with some sort of controlled access method. It is just one extra thing UNF apartments can provide to help enhance the security of their community and the peace of mind of their residents.

A security gate is often found at the front and sometimes also the back entrances of UNF apartments. Some may require a pin code to be input for it to be able to open. Others may utilize a key card swiping system that opens the gate once you swipe a card or place a card near a sensor. Communities put these gates in place so random unwanted visitors cannot wander into a community that they do not live in. While many residents and guests may see a gate as a nuisance and waste of time, it can also be a huge crime deterrent. Many luxury apartments include security gates as an added amenity for their residents, however they can be found across a variety of communities, large and small.

Some helpful tips to remember when moving into UNF apartments are to never share your gate code with visitors. You may trust your visitor, but say that they had someone with them that learned the code too. Now that person has access and they may even pass it along as well. You wouldn't want people who are not paying rent to have a gate code to your community. Also, always make sure your correct phone number is loaded into the security gate system. When a visitor does show, they will need to find your name at the gate and the system will call you to buzz them in. If it is not an updated phone number, they will have a difficult time trying to enter!

Another method of controlled access at UNF apartments is a key card or fob for building access. Think of this much like a key card sensor you would use when going into work. It only allows people with certain access privileges into certain areas of the building. This is exactly how it works in UNF apartments as well. Only you will be able to access your building. Typically, these apartments have an outdoor access door and your actual unit's front door will be inside the building. Talk about double security!

There is a thing called key card etiquette when living in UNF apartments. First off, let your visitors know ahead of time that you will have to come and open the building access door for them. They may be confused when they try to open the door and it's locked! Second, never give your key card to anyone. Even if it's a close friend or relative, they could potentially lose it and it could get into the hands of someone that does not belong in your apartment building. Plus, if a key card is lost, the apartment office typically charges a pretty hefty fee for a replacement. Not to mention, if it's gone, how the heck are you supposed to get into your home?!

These types of controlled access give renters a little more security when living in UNF apartments. However, crime can happen at any address. Be sure to check with your local Sherriff's office if you are interested in learning what the crime level is in a specific area before moving there. 

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