I'm in the military but am going to go to UNF soon - What are some good living options?

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North Beach on Kernan
Look for an apartment community close to UNF like North Beach on Kernan

Many ask if it's possible to work to be in the military and still be able to attend (or live near) UNF. While it's certainly possible, the challenge is getting to base and to campus when needed. You need to be able to live in a convenient location to both to be able to make that schedule work. While UNF has their main campus in Jacksonville and there is a National Guard, Navy and Marine bases – You need to know what locations (and communities) are best to live in.

Before making the decision to live halfway between both you may want to weigh the pros/cons of living on base or living on campus. If you're in the military you likely won't have the chance to live on campus and be a typical college student. Living on base is a possibility and you'll need to talk to the military or your recruiter about that.

If living off base is what you want to do then you should look into a good mid-way point where you can still get that college experience and the ability to make it to base fast. To find the best location you need the address of your base and where you'll be working at. Here is UNF's address: 

1 University of North Fl Dr 
Jacksonville, FL 32224

Go to RentJax's Apartments in Jacksonville Guide and input under the Distance from my location tab the address and max amount of miles you can commute to campus and/or base.

Once you select the max amount of miles you want to be from campus or base then go through the apartment communities listed on the map within that distance radius. I'd recommend 6-8 miles max. Find the ones that lie near both the campus location and your base.

Since you're dealing with the university and your military employer, you want to be 100% sure of the choice you make in housing. You want to make sure that your lease can made short-term if the military needs it. You should also make sure what the best situation is for soldiers AND students and weigh the options.

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