I want to live at a community with a lot of amenities, where should I look?

Whether it's deserved or not, college students can have the reputation for being lazy. Maybe not all of us like sleeping in until noon or skipping class because it's raining outside but we DO like amenities. Being a student at UNF in Jacksonville means you have needs in a community that the average person won't have. 

Here are some of my favorite amenities and how you can filter to find which apartment communities have access to them.

Clubhouse access – An important question to ask if you want a community atmosphere at your apartment is the presence of a clubhouse. Parties and special events may even be thrown here and are great places to meet new people. On the apartment guide under Community Features, check off Club House access to see which units offer this amenity.

Computer lab – A huge benefit of a computer lab is that you no longer need a printer in your unit. That's big for quickly going downstairs and printing out an assignment that needs turned in and saving huge money on ink and printer costs. Under Community Features, check off Computer Lab access to see which units offer this amenity.

Coffee bar – I wish I had a coffee bar at my apartments. I'll just leave it at that. Check off Coffee Bar when you're in the Community Features section to see the select few that offer this cool feature.

City view / Nature view – Nature views are a rarity for a college student to experience; City views are even more rare, I don't care what city you live in. Jacksonville offers a few apartments with views uniquely to your taste. Select City View or Nature View under the Community Features tab.

Community BBQ grill – This amenity comes through in the clutch in the summer. Nothing is better than a good old-fashioned BBQ by the pool in the heat of the Jacksonville, Florida summer. Under Community Features check off the Community BBQ Grill tab.

Controlled access – This one's for mom and dad. No matter what city your in, danger can be anywhere. It's good to live in a unit with controlled access so you feel (and hopefully are) sleeping safer at night. A great way to sell your parents on the unit as well. Check off Controlled Access under the Community Features tab.

There are several more options for features including a game room, gated community, movie theatre and more. The RentJax Apartments Guide is an unbelievably easy way to find which apartments offer these cool amenities.

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