Where can I play tennis near my UNF apartment?

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You might find tennis options within walking distance from your apartment!

We are beyond fortunate to live in the Sunshine State. It never gets too cold in winter, but still gets a little chilly, making it the perfect time to break out your racket and whack some tennis balls with your friends. Tennis is also a great sport to play during this socially distanced time; even in a doubles match, you stay at least six feet apart from your teammate at all times. If you enjoy a nice game of tennis, or you are looking to try it out, you will be excited to find tennis opportunities all over the city of Jacksonville. Even though the UNF tennis courts are currently under construction, there is a good chance that you can find courts that are within walking distance or at least a short drive from your UNF apartment!

Tennis in Southside Jacksonville

If you live in a southside apartment, go ahead and check out Deerwood Tennis. Though a bit of a pricier option, these courts are played by some historic tennis champions (including Arthur Ashe, the first and only black man to win Wimbledon, the US Open, and the Australian Open singles title). Perfect for any time of day or season, Deerwood even keeps most of their courts open past sundown. If you spent the day studying, working, or sleeping, and you want to get some exercise, odds are there is room for you on the Deerwood tennis courts.

Maybe Deerwood is a little too pricey for your liking, or maybe it's too out-of-the-way to be a lucrative option. The city of Jacksonville is host to the Southside Tennis Complex. This park includes sixteen courts with a variety of playing options; depending on your preferences, you can be suited with the asphalt, clay, or quickstart court that's right for you! Though it's named "Southside," if you live in the San Marco area, there's a good chance it's just a few blocks away from your UNF apartment. Southside offers annual plans for families, adults, and seniors. If you are only looking to play a couple matches for a day, you can grab a court for a cost less than a cup of coffee!

Tennis in Jacksonville Beach

Perhaps your apartment is located by Jacksonville Beach, so the above options are a bit of a drive. The city of Jacksonville is also host to the Huguenot Tennis Facility. This community park offers lessons, activities, and league play for those looking to improve or test their tennis skills. This is another affordable option for those who couldn't care less about the amenities and just want to break a sweat in our beautiful Florida sunshine.

Your time at UNF is special and important, just like getting some exercise. Although the UNF tennis courts are under construction until the summer, there are lucrative options all over the city of Jacksonville for you to break out your racket and whack some balls. For the more serious players, if you would like to get your USTA rating or seek some league play, do not hesitate to check out the Jacksonville Tennis League. For those just looking for a fun way to stay active, bring a few friends along, play some doubles or singles matches, and enjoy some outdoor tennis near your UNF apartment!

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