I am moving into a Jacksonville apartment. What are some public transportation options for getting around town?

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If you plan on using public transportation, keep that in mind when choosing your apartment!

There are a myriad of reasons to use Jacksonville public transportation. Whether you don't have a vehicle, want to be more environmentally conscious, or just enjoy taking a more active route around town, you will not be disappointed by what Jacksonville has to offer.

Where To?

If you are looking to use public transportation to get to and from work, there are a couple of options you can consider. The city has multiple bus routes that cover a wide area of land stretching all the way from Baldwin (small town to the West) to Jacksonville Beach! If your apartment is close to public transportation, getting to and from your place of business should be a breeze; if your apartment is a little out of the way, though, you may want to plan your route ahead of time. To figure out which route is best for you, visit this interactive map that shows you all you need to know about taking the public bus.

Another great transportation resource is the JTA Skyway. This monorail system stretches for 2.5 miles and stops eight times along the way. If you live in an intracoastal apartment but want to visit your friend who lives downtown, you'll be able to get there in just a matter of minutes. Trains stop at each station every four to eight minutes, depending on the time of day. Not only are you lowering your carbon footprint by taking the Skyway, but you are also saving quite a bit of money in the process; riding the Skyway is 100% complimentary. If you like to ride a bike or longboard for short distances, you will be able to ride over to the Skyway and bring your non-motorized vehicle with you!

Can I Get A Lift To The Game?

Maybe you work from home or don't need to use public transportation every day, but you want to watch the Jacksonville Jaguars or college football teams play home games and need a lift. Jacksonville Transportation Authority also offers a "Gameday Xpress" that will pick you up at one of six locations to take you to the game in comfort and style. If your apartment is a little too far away for you to walk to one of the lots, the public bus system is available to take you the extra distance.

The first year I lived in an apartment, I did not bring my car with me because I knew I would be too on-the-go all the time for me to use it regularly. On the rare occasion I was in dire need to get somewhere, I was always able to ask a roommate to borrow their car or if they could drive me to my destination. If you live with just one or a few roommates, you will likely have no problem getting across town in a pinch. Otherwise, I encourage you to do a bit of research on Jacksonville Transit Authority's website to see if they offer any other transportation services that fit your needs from your Jacksonville apartment. Have fun adventuring!

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