When my family visits, I want to rent a beach house for a weekend. How far is Jacksonville military housing from beach rentals?

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Taking a dive in your apartment's pool is a good time too!

The holidays are coming up, which means a lot of folks from up North will be coming soon to grab a sunny spot on Jacksonville beach. Whether your family is from out of town, out of state, or even out of the country, it's safe to assume they will want to soak up as much Florida sun as they can during their stay. While that might just mean a couple minutes of walking if your Jacksonville military housing is in Jacksonville Beach, or a couple minutes driving if you live near Hodges or Kernan Boulevard, you might want to take a vacation yourself and join them in a beach house. Let's take a look at some of your rental options.

Just A Few Blocks Away

Alicia's Jacksonville Beach Condo Rentals offers condos for families of all sizes. Sandwiched between Atlantic and Ponte Vedra Beaches, you can find a wide selection of room and house rentals just a skip and a hop away from the Atlantic Ocean. Let's say your family is visiting for a while and wants to not only enjoy the water, but the wetlands as well. A short drive North of their location sits 46,000 acres of uncut nature in the Timucuan Ecological and Historical Preserve.

Down South

If you fancy a spot a little further south, maybe in hopes of taking a day trip to St. Augustine, you will feel right at home in the Blue Breeze House. About forty minutes away sits the oldest city in the country, founded in 1565. St. Augustine is host to a historical fort, lighthouse, cathedral, and a few haunts as well! Consider booking a couple nights if you have a family of thrill-seekers who enjoy exploring some of the oldest sites in Florida just as much as swimming in the Atlantic.

Right On The Water

Maybe you plan on leaving your flip-flops inside the whole time and want a straight shot to the ocean. Florida Sunrise Vacations sits right on the water and can give your family the Florida beach house experience they're looking for. The beach is quite literally in your backyard, perfect for surfers, skimmers, and fisherman alike! Let's say you are more of the sightseeing type and have done enough swimming in our salt water; you and your family can take a short walk to the Jacksonville Beach Fishing Pier (that is, after repairs are finished). The pier extends almost a quarter mile (625 feet is currently open) into the Atlantic, giving you a wide array of fishing area and options. If you book your vacation on certain days, you may be lucky enough to catch a Blue Angels Air Show just outside of your sliding glass door.

Whatever your family is looking for when they visit you, you should have no problem setting them up in one of the above options. What's more, this is an opportunity for you to get out of your Jacksonville military housing for a weekend or two and spend some time soaking up the sun with the people you love!

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