Staying fit is a top priority for me. How can I find an apartment in Jacksonville that will accommodate my healthy lifestyle?

Being healthy and active should always be a priority. But, it can be hard to point out apartment amenities and features that will aid you in your mission for a happy and healthy life. When you're searching for an apartment in Jacksonville, you should keep in mind several apartment features an amenities that could be beneficial to you and your health. Once you have identified the apartment community features that will most benefit you, look through RentJax search tools.

The first, and most obvious, Jacksonville apartment amenity you should add to your must havelist is a community gym. Having a gym in your just steps away from you apartment is more than just a convenience. This can be a real life saver when you come home from work and have zero desire to break a sweat. Not to mention, this amenity can help you where it counts the most, your wallet. A gym membership in Jacksonville can cost anywhere from $40- $80, depending on what type of membership you have. But, a gym in your Jacksonville apartment is a free feature of the community! If you work the night shift somewhere, you may want to think about looking for an apartment that has a 24 hour gym. It is easy to let you health get behind you when you keep odd hours. But, if you have a gym steps away from your home you are more likely to utilize the gym.

One of the many perks of living in Jacksonville is enjoying that beautiful sunshine state weather! weather! Apartments in Jacksonville offer pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, and so much more to their tenants at no extra cost. These are all great ways to stay active and enjoy the outdoors. It's easy to get in a fitness rut, but when you have this many options it would be hard to get bored.

You're probably wondering now how to find Jacksonville apartments that offer these types of features and amenities. Rent Jax's search tools make apartment hunting easy, just follow these steps. Select the "Jacksonville Apartments" tab on the Rent Jax homepage. This will take you to a page that helps you search through apartment amenities and features. It's like a shopping bag for your apartment, just grab the ones that you like and we'll populate all the apartments that meet your criteria. Now, to find the fitness features, click the "advanced filters" drop down menu and then select the "sports and fitness" drop down menu. This will feature all the community features that mesh with your healthy lifestyle!

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