I’m being stationed in Jacksonville temporarily. What type of lease is best for me?

Looking for a temporary apartment in Jacksonville can be challenging. Not all apartment communities offer a short term lease. However, Rent Jax has the best state of the art search tools to help you locate in Jacksonville apartment that can accommodate your lifestyle and temporary livening situation. Now, what kind of lease is best for you? This depends on several factors. Let's run through some different leasing options. Short-term, month to month, and corporate rentals are some apartment leasing options that are beneficial to anyone who is not going to be a permanent resident in Jacksonville.

Short- term rentals can really be a blessing for someone who is stationed temporarily in Jacksonville. Often times apartment communities offer six and nine month leases. So, if you know you will definitely be in Jacksonville for a fixed amount of time this is a great option for you. Some food for thought: you'll need to consider the cost of moving your belongings to your new apartment in Jacksonville. Is this cost something that the military will cover? If not, you'll want to factor this into your budget along with your security deposit and application fee.

Rent Jax knows that sometimes you are given orders that do not give you a definitive amount of time that you will be stationed. This is where a month to month rental can come in and save the day. Month to month rentals tend to be a little bit more expensive, but it is less of a hassle then trying to term a lease 5 months early. When considering an apartment community that offers month to month rentals be sure to ask them what fees are involved. Also, be sure to mention that you are a member of the armed forces. Many apartments in Jacksonville offer their rentals at a discounted rate to members of the military.

Corporate rentals are fully furnished apartments. They are turnkey ready. You'll have everything you need from linens to pots and pans. If you travel often for work or don't stay in one place long, this is a great option for you. Moving furniture can be expensive. Not to mention packing and unpacking can be time consuming. All you need to bring to a corporate rental is your clothing and personal belongings.

Being stationed temporarily can feel like a whirlwind between looking for an apartment, packing, and making the moving arrangements. Luckily, Rent Jax caters to members of the armed forces. We have the tools to help you find apartments that offer short term leases, month to month leases, and corporate rentals. Set the “lease by month” slide bar and we will populate apartments that offer those lease terms. Additionally, if you need furnishings select the “furnishings” tab in the drop down menu to find apartments that are short term rentals that are also furnished. Finding can be simple!

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