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Local Expert

Meghan Bowman

Born in Houston, Texas, where everything is big, Meghan's birth story is no different than the state that is her birth place. Before Meghan's mother could even step a foot inside the hospital, she was born right there in the parking lot. Meghan's eagerness to live and have adventures has carried with her throughout her life.

Growing up in a small town outside of Tampa, Florida was less than this spirited young lady aspired for. So, when she graduated she took the first chance she could to start a new journey. When she moved to Gainesville, Florida to begin her begin her college career she was excited to burst into the world of academia. Like most freshman, she was unfamiliar with the area and jumped into a lease with the first apartment she visited.

When she arrived at her new apartment on move in day her heart was racing with excitement and enthusiasm. Much to her dismay, she was sorely disappointed as soon as she stepped foot into the apartment. It looked nothing like the model that she saw and had certainly not had the "deep cleaning" that is required between tenants. She stepped out onto her patio to get some air. One look around and her skin crawled. It looked like someone had been living on her patio. This was certainly not what she signed up for.

Moving forward she vowed she would never be put in that situation again. Every move since then has been a well researched one. Meghan is a self proclaimed rental expert. Each time it was nearing a move she scouted rentals and the local area. In every city she has lived or visited she became a local expert, knowing where all the local gems are.