Me and my family are being sent to Jacksonville. Where can I find apartments off-base that are zoned for great schools

Moving from base to base can take a toll on a family. Spouses having to look for new jobs, kids having to adjust to new schools and friends, finding the right place to live…it's all stressful. And sometimes Military housing doesn't cut it. makes it easy to find the right family-style off-base apartments for you and your family to live and call home. Flexible leases and great schools serving your Jacksonville apartment community are important and with our search tools it's simple.

First, look into our Jacksonville Apartment Search and the map to easily navigate the areas you're looking to move to with your family. You can narrow your searches by selecting how many rooms you'd like, the kind of lease you need and community/apartment amenities.

After seeing your choices then you can use the Duval County Public School Site Locator. By inputting the address of the apartment complex, you are able to find which schools your children are zoned for and you're able to continue your search for the right areas to live in.

Your child's education is important. Just because you're in the military and you have to move a few times, doesn't mean their education has to suffer. By finding the right Jacksonville off-base apartment in the right school zone, your children can continue and further their quest for knowledge!

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