I’m new to the Jacksonville area. How can I stay safe during a hurricane?

Adjusting to the beautiful Sunshine State doesn't take too much effort. Beautiful beaches, bright sunshine-y days, laidback and friendly attitudes, Florida is all about living easy.

But there's a catch: when it rains in Florida, it really pours. Whether it rains for 20 minutes or you get stuck in tropical storms and hurricanes, the inches of rain throughout the year really do add up. Hurricane season is the greatest contributor to Florida's inches.

Living in north Florida, doesn't exclude you from these scary storms either—especially on the coasts. Jacksonville, located right on the Atlantic Coast, has come in cross with many hurricanes over the years and has survived over and over again. Which means you can too as a new resident in this Duval County community.

There are definitely things to pay attention to in the hours leading up to the hurricane's first touch of land.

Here are those tips provided by FunJax.com and then some to get you prepared while living in Jacksonville:

  • Hurricane watches:A hurricane watch will be issued by the National Hurricane Center 24 to 36 hours before the hurricane's landfall. This is when you should take the time to protect your property: secure your boat, bring inside all your outdoor furniture, plants, etc. Make sure your entire family knows the plan during the hurricane.
  • Hurricane Warning:A hurricane warning is issued by the National Hurricane Center 24 hours before the Hurricane's arrival. At this point, the National Hurricane Center expects hurricane force winds to be felt in the warned areas. This is the time to complete protecting your property and again, make sure your family is ready to evacuate.
  • Evacuation Order Issued:An evacuation order will be issued up to 12-22 hours prior to the landing of the hurricane. The time allotted for the evacuation includes your travel time; however you do not want to wait and get caught in a traffic jam exactly before the storm hits land. Evacuate your home as soon as the order is given.
  • Mobile homes and apartments are required to leave their evacuation zones to safer homes, like family living within the Jacksonville/Duval area, or designated safety shelters.
  • Hurricane Evacuation Zones, provided by the City of Jacksonville website.

In the case of evacuation, be sure to check out the City of Jacksonville's Hurricane or Disaster kit checklist prior to the hurricane.

Living in Jacksonville can be a breeze, but it never hurts to be safe come around Hurricane Season in Florida!

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