Jacksonville is such a big city. How do I decide what part of it to call home?

The largest city by area in the United States, Jacksonville is home to over 500 neighborhoods. With a city this big, it may be a little overwhelming to decide where to rent the perfect Jacksonville apartment. But, do not get discouraged! This city has so many different neighborhoods you will definitely be able to find the Jacksonville apartment that you love. With such a wide selection, finding a great apartment in Jacksonville to suit your needs is easy if you define your needs before you start your search. First, deciding where to live should take into account the size of the city.

In deciding where to live in Jacksonville it is a good idea to start with why you are relocating in the first place. Is this a move for a new job or to attend school? Are you military and choosing to live off base? How much time you want to spend commuting from your Jacksonville apartment to your new place of employment or school should be a major factor in deciding where you want to start your search. To get an idea of what the apartments in different areas of Jacksonville are like, please consult our Neighborhood Guide.

For instance, if you plan to attend UNF you may want to start your Jacksonville apartment search closer to campus. Keep in mind that while Jacksonville does have a public bus system it can be unreliable at times,especially on a longer commute. This can present a challenge if you decide to live in an apartment farther away from UNF and do not have a car. However, several Jacksonville apartments close to the college offer shuttles to and from campus, making a commute without a car much easier. 


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