Should I rent a home?

When looking for Military housing, renting a home certainly has its advantages. Whether you plan on being a lifetime renter or hope to purchase your own pad in the future, there are many benefits for those who live in rental properties.


When first relocating to a new city, renting an apartment near base can be greatly advantageous.  As most assume, it is quite difficult to officially settle down in one particular neighborhood prior to obtaining any knowledge regarding the city's attributes and characteristics. Renting a home can allow you the flexibility to determine what you do and do not like about the area without making any final commitments.  Tenants may also decide how long they want to remain in the residence. Some communities offer long and short-term leases in order to be more accommodating to their residents.  Is your family expanding? Renting can also allow families to easily upgrade to a larger space while maintaining ease and convenience of having to undergo tedious house hunting or even having to travel a distance to find the right home.

Initial Cost Savings

Although paying upfront cost such as first and last months rent plus a security deposit and any other additional fees may seemingly create a financial pinch, in the overall scheme of things, these initial costs are much less than a down payment on a home. These savings can safely rest in your bank account.

Hassel Free

The major perk about living in military housing rentals if that if something breaks or needs repair, the landlord is responsible for the upkeep. Just think, if your AC goes down or your dishwasher goes on the frits, a maintenance staff will be on their way to repair any damages within days or even hours. No money will ever come out of your pocket to repair any damages done to your unit for such repairs. This also includes landscape. Many communities maintain the premises outside of your dwelling as well. This include lawn care and pavement upkeep.

Luxurious Amenities

Are you a member at a local gym? No need to worry, many military housing apartments include a private gym and a swimming pool. Simply being a tenant is enough to grant you access to amenities on premise such as game rooms, business centers, car wash stations and even tanning beds. You can simply stay in shape without having to endure the costly burden.

When looking for a new home, it may be beneficial to first rent in the area in order to discover whether or not that region is right for you. Doing so can allow one to enjoy several advantageous such as enjoying cost savings, limited liabilities, and living in a care-free environment.  Aside from the financial benefits, presiding in your unit as a renter can also help one relocate much easier, without having to undergo the pressures of selling a home.

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