Are there any suburbs near the city?

Are you looking for Jacksonville apartments within a close proximity to downtown? Jacksonville apartments come in a variety of types and locations to accommodate nearly every individual.

Many relocate to the state of Florida with little information concerning the city's inner-workings. However, most still strive to find a suitable suburb well within their reaching limits.

If you have not already noticed, Jacksonville is a very, very large city. In fact, there are over 500 neighborhoods within Duval County. That's three hundred more options than large cities such as Chicago even offers! Although it is somewhat impossible to visit every single neighborhood within Jacksonville's city limits, the upside is that there are several specific suburbs that invoke inviting atmospheres just outside of the urban environment.

Depending on how close you prefer to live to downtown, you may want to consider starting your search for a new Jacksonville apartment in the Atlantic Beach area. Although this is a near fifteen-minute drive from downtown, many find that the tranquil shores provide an enriching landscape suitable for all who enjoy the Florida sunshine.

Ocean Walk is one of the most prevalent neighborhoods near the Atlantic region. Offering “beach side perfection”” these homes are within walking distance to the water.  There are several schools near this neighborhood ranging from elementary to high. Although most of these North Florida properties are quite high in price, living just outside of the neighborhood will allow residents to still enjoy the same type of suburbia living.  There are several restaurants, grocery stores and shops surrounding this part of town.

Selva Marina is Jacksonville's home country club.  Known as a part of Florida's golf history, this neighborhood has been undergoing a complete makeover to conform to the market's high demand of luxury homes. Homes in this neighborhood are located right on the golf course.

Alternatively, there are also several popular neighborhoods just outside of downtown and within walking distance to most entertainment destination within the city.

San Marco, an old-world Spanish styled neighborhood, is located in the center of Jacksonville's shopping district. Home to Theatre Jacksonville, the modern style suburb attracts a variety of residents to the area including business professionals, students and families.

Avondale, also known as Riverside, is one of the city's largest and historic districts. This part of the city is more known for its artistic culture and tree-lined paths. The homes tend to be older, however, brings out a more “hip” crowd to its coffee shops, cafes and art galleries. Riverside is known for its vintage shops, restaurants and museums.

Similar to Avondale is the neighborhood of Springfield.  Many Jacksonville apartments near this region are located near century old homes featuring a variety of architectural designs. Springfield is often associated with its quaint like features, and family friendly environment.

Throughout its city, Jacksonville offers unique neighborhoods ranging from beach bungalow homes to small town charm. Residents have the option of living just outside of the city's nerve center, or opting for a more costal living.

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