I need really affordable housing options, is this possible?

Are you searching for UNF apartments that wont break the bank? The quest for cost effective housing has becoming increasingly popular, as college tuition has skyrocketed over the last decade.

There are always challenges when searching for a new home. However, for most college students, the biggest obstacle is finding a new home that will not create financial instability. Luckily, for most students attending the local university, the city of Jacksonville has a variety of options to consider when searching for student housing near campus.

When you first think about campus living, you might imagine a smaller, slum dog type of unit with minimal décor and low-grade furnishings. However, that outdated image pales in comparison to today's modern dwellings. Today's college crash pad includes wide screen televisions, leather furniture, pools, spas, tanning beds, theatres and beach volleyball courts.  These 'new wave' high-end student-housing properties are all too common near and around UNF apartments.

Jacksonville is quite a large and metropolis city. This is beneficial for many residents in the area, as apartment rentals are often competitively priced. Although there are several areas to visit when searching for the most suitable location to live in, most University of North Florida students tend to call the Atlantic region their home.

Properties near the Atlantic tend to be fairly affordable when it comes to pricing. Not only do many students live in this particular area of town, the rent happens to be quite accommodating to the student budget. UNF apartments in this neighborhood are only a mere fifteen-minute drive from campus. Additionally, communities near the Atlantic beach come in a variety of floor plans to meet the needs of nearly every individual. This includes 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units. Such floor plans even offer roommate-sharing plans, which allows students to rent a bedroom while sharing the common areas with their classmates. Some communities go as far as pairing you all with similar residents in order to enhance your living experience. These types of housing plans can cost a little as $300 a month.

Alternatively, some students venture out as far as downtown Jacksonville. Downtown is more known to cater to the lavished and entertainment seekers. However, there are parts of town that can be more affordable than others. However, these buildings may not be as costly as those located closer to campus.

Another option may be living on campus. This may restrict your ability to enjoy the much wanted freedom a new college student seeks, however, living on campus can help reduce other associated costs correlated with living on your own. This can include gas money, and utility bills. Since most things will be within walking distance from your home, such as class, you can definitely rely on saving some back end cash my staying on the campus premises.

Living in apartments near UNF can definitely allow a new student to live in a cost effective home. There are many affordable units just near or on campus. From room rentals to luxury apartments, there are a variety of student-friendly properties throughout the city of Jacksonville.

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