I work late in a hospital in Jacksonville. Are there any apartments that will accommodate my crazy hours?

If you're looking for an apartment in Jacksonville that can help make your life as a health care professional a little easier, then look no further. on Rent Jax has plenty of apartment finding tips to ensure you find the perfect apartment that can accommodate your hectic work schedule and maybe even make life easier.

When working late hours something that needs to be considered is your safety. Getting in and out of your car at home and at work can be dangerous when you're leaving at 3am, as late hours are peak times for crime. A feature that can keep you safe is a gated community. This feature wards of intruders and solicitors. Many of these gated communities also have a security guard on site patrolling the apartment complex to ensure safety of its residents. You can rest easy knowing that you are safe.To find a gated community on Rent Jax simply visit the “apartments in Jacksonville” tab, located in the left hand corner of the Rent Jax home page. Once you're there select the “show advanced filters” drop down menu and then select the “gated community” in the options category. Your safety should always be your number one priority!

Living a healthy lifestyle can be challenging when you keep night owl hours. But, if you have a 24 hour gym at your disposal will help you stay fit and active! Many apartments in Jacksonville offer this convenient community feature. Finding a gym that is 24 hours can be daunting. In addition, this can be an expensive monthly bill. Most 24 hour gyms range anywhere from $50-$90. That's $600 a month on the cheap end! Under the “Sports and Fitness” tab in the advanced filters drop down menu select the 24 hour gym option andRent Jax does all the searching for you. Having an apartment that includes this amenity can be god for your health and your wallet.

Being close to work is always desirable, regardless of occupation. However if you keep late, long hours that extra 15-20 in bed minutes can be a real life saver when you're going in for a 12 hour shift! To find an apartment close to your hospital: select the “apartments in Jacksonville” tab, located in the left hand corner of the Rent Jax home page, enter your workplace's address in the “Distance from Location” tab and select the distance in miles you would like your apartment to be in relation to your workplace. We will populate a list of apartment that meets this requirement.

Finding an apartment in Jacksonville that will keep you happy, healthy, and safe can be challenging. But, we make that process a breeze. Our easy to use search tools can help narrow down the choices and steer you in the right direction.

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