I’m a UNF freshman that would like to be social. Are there any apartments near UNF that will help me meet people?

Meeting people can be tough when moving to a new city and starting in a new school. There are plenty of apartments near UNF that will help you make some new college buddies. Plenty of apartments near UNF have features and amenities that can help you grow a healthy social life. on Rent Jax has the search tools to help you find home for the next four years. Here's what you need to look for.

Many UNF apartments offer a recreation room as a community amenity. This is where all the residents will be hanging out when they're not at school or studying. Games like ping -pong, pool tables and WII are a great way to interact with your peers. It can be hard to get to know someone in a library or a classroom. Your apartment community can be a great way to open the doors to some new friendships.

Another great way to meet people and make friends in your apartment community is by signing up for roommate matching. How does roommate matching work? You and all other residents interested in roommate matching fill out a series of questionnaires about your lifestyle and living habits. You are systematically paired up with roommates through this questionnaire. With that said, it is important you be honest about the way you live in order to avoid complications down the road. Having a roommate that you hang out with can build a very strong sense of comradery. You can cooking, cleaning, and even studying can be made into a social event this way!

It's hard to know where to go to meet people. The gym? The grocery store? The library? Luckily many UNF apartments have organized resident activities to bring together the community. These activities are a sure way to meet people and make friends. Not to mention, you're not the only one going to them to meet people. Lots of college students make friends this way. The apartment community puts on events like pool parties and poker nights to draw people in. Often times these events are catered, which means free food. What college student can pass that up?

Now you know how and where to meet people. But, how do you find an apartment with these features and amenities? Do you call every single apartment in Jacksonville? Rent Jax has the right tools to start your search! Simply go to the Jacksonville Apartments tab on the Rent Jax homepage. This will take you to our search tools. On the left hand side there is a long list of community features and amenities to choose from. Select from options like organized resident activities, swimming pools, and roommate matchging and we will populate all the apartments that meet your criteria. College is hard enough. Finding a UNF apartment doesn't have to be!

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