Get to know…Riverside

Riverside lies along the west side of the St. Johns River, just south of Downtown Jacksonville. Home to the historic Five Points and King Street business districts, Riverside hosts apartment towers along the river and hundred of beautiful homes built at the turn of the 20th century. After decades of decay during the mid-1900s, Riverside is now past recovery, and is home to one of Jacksonville's most incredible architecture and history.

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Cobblestone streets intersect with major thoroughfares right outside your apartment's large windows. Large oak trees and weeping willows with Spanish moss draped over the branches line the streets offering shade to the apartments and homes and to those out for an afternoon stroll. Since its designation as a National Historic Neighborhood, Riverside has seen an increase in projects designed to improve the neighborhood while keeping in form with its historical assets. Large, southern homes have been converted into multi-family apartment homes, while high-rises have popped up for the young professionals who desire apartment living in a chic neighborhood.

Because of its location, close to the river and the interstate system, living in an apartment in Riverside is attractive to many people who work outside the neighborhood. Families move to Riverside to expand their living space, while young professionals move to Riverside for its shopping and nightlife.

Heads Up

Because of its reputation for trendy, yet historic homes and apartments, Riverside rental properties can come at a higher cost than other, nearby neighborhoods.

Area Attractions

Riverside has something for everyone. Pack a lunch in your apartment, lock up as you leave, and head to Riverside Park or the scenic Memorial Park on the St. Johns River. Looking for something to do on a Saturday morning, but don't want to stray too far from your apartment? Stop in at the Riverside Arts Market, a weekly arts and craft market under the canopy of the Fuller Warren Bridge. You can also grab a sampling of local produce and treats from the best of local restaurants, bag them up and pack them the short walk back to your apartment. Looking for a great hangout bar to grab drinks – head to Birdies. You may also want to check out Sun Ray Cinemas, which was formerly 5 Pointe Theatre. They closed it down, renovated it, and recently reopened with lots to offer! Want food, football, games and beer but don't want the mess in your apartment? Stop in at O'Brothers Irish Pub. For a scenic tour both inside and outside, make sure you visit the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens (not everyone has a museum as a neighbor). Winding down St. Johns Avenue toward Avondale, it's lined with great apartment buildings; you'll find another district packed with great nightlife. Hit up the Cashba Cafe to smoke a hookah, or cross the street to The Brick for great food and great drink specials.

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