Now that I have a full kitchen in Jacksonville military apartment, I am interested in cooking more meals at home. Can you recommend any meal prep services?

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North Beach on Kernan
The North Beach on Kernan apartments are located just minutes from Jacksonville Beach, a convenient location for off-base military housing in Jacksonville. Each apartment comes with a chef-caliber kitchen and is ready for your home-cooked meals.

Whether you are looking to expand your weekly menu options and explore new foods, eat healthier, or you like the ease of meals being put together for you and extra bonus if they are delivered to your home without the added trip to the grocery store, meal prep delivery services have become a popular option for many and an excellent choice for your off base military housing in Jacksonville. We put together a list of local and national options that help make meal planning and cooking easy and fun in your new kitchen. Follow along below.

First, we will start at Publix. Publix is a big favorite in Florida from Publix subs and their slogan "Where shopping is a please." Take a trip there, and you will learn quickly why we all flock to Publix for our grocery needs. Publix offers quick meals in the form of Publix Aprons Meal Kits. They come prepackaged, so you just pick up the kit and head home to start your meal. Double-check their site for store locations that offer this service, but if you live in the Arlington neighborhood of Jacksonville many stores are listed as options.

If your Jacksonville military apartment is near the Mandarin area, Whole Foods Market may be another option for you. They offer meal kits in some locations along with delivery through Amazon. Or if you are just looking for convenient and healthy meal plans, they offer that also.

If you would rather skip the stop at the grocery store and have the kits delivered, many national companies do just that. HelloFresh, EveryPlate, and Home Chef are a few options available and allow you to customize your plan from the number of meals per week or month and by the amount of people in your family that will enjoy these meals. The kits come with all the ingredients, including the produce needed, along with step-by-step recipes. You can check out each company to see if one company offers more meals you like or a better price for your budget.

Another local and super convenient option if you want the home cooked meal but lacking on time to spend in your military apartment kitchen many companies offer customized meals, cooked fresh that you can pick up or have delivered to your door. If you have a special diet, including allergies these companies will work with you to meet all your needs. Kathy's Table has three retail locations convenient to your Jacksonville military apartment, including Riverside, Jax Beach, and Southside. They also offer thirteen pick-up locations throughout Duval and St. John's counties, and they also deliver in certain areas for a charge.

We hope this list gets you started on meal plans and kits to utilize in your new kitchen in your military housing in Jacksonville. Whether you are a seasoned cook or just beginning these options we are sure these options will work for you. Or if you find yourself lacking in time to cook and in times of COVID, many local restaurants offer contactless delivery or pick-up on their own, or companies such as GrubHub or DoorDash can assist.

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