How can I organize my desk in my UNF apartment?

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The Strand is perfect for UNF students and has ample space for a desk. Studying will be a breeze for students who live here!

For students living in apartments near UNF, your workspace can be a key factor in your performance at school. Having a clean and organized workspace can improve productivity, and, in turn, your grades. Many furnished UNF apartments will come with a desk, so you don't have to worry about picking one out or moving it in. Instead, focus your attention on how to best employ your desk so that you can be a better student at the University of North Florida.

Elevate your monitor!

It's challenging for any student to function without a computer, but they can take up a significant piece of your desk's valuable space. A great way to mitigate this pesky issue is to incorporate a monitor stand into the layout of your desk space. The monitor stand will raise your computer and allow for storage space underneath it, making for a perfect way to maximize storage space. 

File folders are the best! 

Classes, internships—whatever it is that you're doing this semester while living in apartments near UNF, you'll need to come up with an organization system for your papers, notes and files. The simplest way to sort your paperwork is to use file folders. One for each class or activity should suffice. Once all papers are assigned to their proper place, store them in your desk drawers, out of sight, out of mind, until you need the papers again.   

Color code to your heart's content!

In addition to file folders, color coding is an awesome way to organize your important papers, and even your schedule. Use different color file folders for each subject. For extra organization, use certain colors of sticky notes for reminders about each class. Stick them anywhere you'd like, such as the wall above your desk, on your monitor stand or in your drawer. The extra colorful reminder could be what saves you from a missing assignment. 

Exhaust all storage options!

As a college student, you can never have too much storage. Don't have a cluttered desk! Store your textbooks, chargers and other scholastic items elsewhere. Floating shelves are an easy way to add more storage, as are storage caddies. Trust me, the more storage the better. Otherwise, you'll have items in distracting places, which will take your focus away from studying.  

Functional items can still be aesthetically pleasing!

Don't knock it till you try it. There are many functional items that can be aesthetically pleasing! Storage bins and shelving units don't have to be plain or unappealing. You can find storage options to match every style of apartment decor. Conveniently enough, University of North Florida apartments are located near some nifty home-decor shops, where you can find plenty of visually appealing storage options.

Now that you've organized your desk, you'll be more inclined to study, and with fewer distractions. Don't forget that there are many quiet apartments near UNF that are perfect for studious students who prefer to live without noisy distractions. Additionally, if you prefer to live with other academically focused students, look into apartments that offer roommate matching. Get organizing and start studying!

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