What are the best ways to take care of flowers in Jacksonville apartments?

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Whether you just bought some flowers for yourself or if you were gifted flowers from a friend or significant other, making them last longer can help you remember the kind gesture for longer. Also, nothing will make your apartment in Jacksonville more vibrant than a vase full of beautifully bloomed flowers. 

If you prefer to have flowers that stay alive longer, there are multiple simple steps to take that can increase the likelihood of the flowers blooming for longer and having more healthy buds sprout from the flowers no matter what kind of affordable housingarrangement you reside in. 

Store Your Flowers in the Appropriate Container 

There are three different kinds of containers you can store your flowers in. The first one is glass. This is the best option for the flowers in your Jacksonville apartment because it doesn't get dirty easily, it holds water well, and it is less prone to corrosion and weathering if the flowers are stored in the sunlight. Also, glass is the easiest container to wash and keep clean.

The second is plastic. Although this might be the most affordable option, plastic can only be kept at room temperature and out of the direct sun or the plastic chemicals will seep into the water and possibly kill your flowers. 

The final option is metal. Metal containers hold up well and can contain a lot of water without leakage. One major downfall of metal is that it corrodes, meaning your flowers' health will decline from rust deposits getting into the water. 

When comparing all three and considering all the pros and cons, the final greatest option is a glass vasefor your flowers so they live for a long time. 

Make Sure Your Flowers Get Adequate Sunlight and Water at Apartments in Jacksonville

Sunlight and water are the two most important things when trying to grow thriving plants and keep flowers fresh and healthy in Jacksonville apartments. Each plant is different, so treating them, all the same, is a major mistake. For example, Orchids require strong, indirect light, and heavy watering mixed with periods of dryness. This method will not work with all other flowers out there. 

Also, luxury apartmentstend to have patios and balconies, perfect for any flowers that require constant and direct sunlight to stay alive. It's important to remember that will an outdoor space, smoke can come through and make flowers wilt due to bad air quality. To avoid this, getting a smoke-free apartmentwill ensure this doesn't happen. 

Keep Your Flowers Away from Pets Living in Your Jacksonville Apartment

Whether you live in a pet-friendly apartmentwith your animal or your Jacksonville apartment roommate owns a pet, it's best to research flowers that are safe for pets before introducing them into the shared space. Also, some pets might like to eat your flowers, making it next to impossible to keep them alive. Keeping them on a tall counter or out of reach of your pets can help reduce the possibility of the flowers being ruined. 

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