I need a very flexible lease, is that possible?

Due to the high amount of military residents that reside in Jacksonville, many apartment communities have become accustomed to fitting their needs in order to make their stay more accommodating. Being stuck in a year lease is the last thing you want to be tied into when you know there is a high probability you may be relocated. Leases for Military apartments can range from yearly, 9-month, 6-month, monthly and sometimes even weekly. However, shorter leases can often result in higher monthly rent. The Strand, a Manhattan style living community, is very flexible on lease selections. They offer variable, 7-month, 8-month, and all the up to a year lease. Coventry Park is located right near the corporate center of the city and just a few miles from the beach. This community offers 3-month leases up to 13-months. Just two and a half miles from the beach is North Beach on Kernan. This property offers variable leases as well with the options of 7-month leases to a year lease in order to accommodate to their relocating residents.

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