How do I find cheap apartments?

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River City Landing
There are lots of affordable apartment options at River City Landing.

Searching for apartments near UNF can become quote rigorous when deciding how to remain financial responsible with adding rent to your monthly bills. This process can sometimes become frustrating, overwhelming and even prevent you from continuing your search! However, the large city of Jacksonville has plenty of options available to your when searching for a new place to live. Looking near the campus area can definitely keep your wallet full. This area tends to accommodate to student-friendly budgets and you can expect to get a great deal for your buck! However, I’m sure you are probably still thinking, “how can I find a new place specifically in my budget without spending long hours searching?” That’s easy! Our search tools are catered to your questions! All you have to do is click on “search now.” This button will bring you to our search page. From there, click on the number line titled “rent per month.” You can move the tabs inward and outwards to select a budget range you are looking to stay within. Once you have done this, a list of living communities will appear on the page that are within your budget request!

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