I want to live near Atlantic Beach, where I should look for an affordable apartment?

If you are looking for a slow-paced, quiet and laid back atmosphere, then look no further than Atlantic beach! Atlantic beach is one of several beaches that call the city of Jacksonville their home. This beach tends to be less crowded than other areas of the city. The beach area is paved in old brick and landscaped with overgrown trees and perfectly sculpted bushes. The town features unique and funky boutiques throughout the area, and local mom and pop dinners. You can kayak, surf and paddle board out on the beaches where family and friends are welcomed to enjoy the tranquil outdoors. You can definitely enjoy a small town here while living in the large city of Jacksonville. When looking for Jacksonville apartments in this area, begin your search in Duval County. The neighborhoods in and near Atlantic Beach are more affordable than some of the other city living communities. However, keep in mind that you are near the water. If you are looking to stay in a budget, do not feel obliged to go beyond your spending limit. Our search tools can help you find what you are looking for within your reasonable budget. Simply input how much you’d like to spend per month on your rent, a list of possible living spaces will appear on the page for your review.

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