I live in a UNF apartment, but I’ve never been to Georgia. What are some things to do a little beyond the border?

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Can you imagine an outdoor view better than this? Visit Georgia, and you won't have to!

Those of us in North Florida sometimes forget how fortunate we are to live so close to the "Peach State" of Georgia. What we can never forget, however, is the challenging past ten months students around the world have had to deal with. A couple hours on the road with your favorite people has never been more necessary; it takes about as long to drive from your UNF apartment to Savannah as it does to Orlando.

Send It Up In Savannah

There are plenty of reasons to look for a weekend or extended getaway in our Northern neighbor. If you are a student who lives with a few roommates, you might find that you often get caught up with schoolwork or roommate shenanigans and don't travel as much as you'd like. Savannah, Georgia might just be the place for you. A beacon of artistic expression, Savannah's rich history lies in its centuries-old masterwork architecture, cultural emphasis on visual and performing arts, and one-of-a-kind food and drink craftsmanship. Monuments, museums, and munchies fill the Historic Landmark District during the day. At night? You can catch a guided tour of Savannah's most restless haunts, ride on a riverboat, and taste award-winning local brews all over town.

Unwind At The Okefenokee

If you are a student living in a quiet apartment, you might be looking for a little excitement to switch up your routine, but nothing too wild. A skip and a hop away from a Jacksonville Beach apartment lies the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. Here, you can canoe, fish, learn, and search for wildlife in their natural habitat to your heart's desire. Established in 1937, the 370,000 acre wetland houses hundreds of rare flora and fauna alike; the 7000-year old Okefenokee Swamp, which encompasses the refuge, hosts notable endangered species like the American bald eagle. Take a look yourself and plan your next adventure!

Find The Perfect Hyde-away

If you want to find the perfect blend of Savannah-style history and Okefenokee-style natural beauty, you will probably have the time of your life at Jekyll Island. Just under an hour North of the Florida/Georgia line, Jekyll Island offers centuries of historic land, artifacts, and structures. The island is entirely self-sustained and governed and is host to a spectrum of lavish and quaint resorts and hideaways that give you the perfect blend of historic graves and waves. Known for its variety of stunning ecosystems, Jekyll Island has long been a vacation destination for world elites, sightseeing tourists from around the country, and small-town nature lovers alike.

Fun Fact: Jekyll Island is almost the halfway point between Jacksonville and Savannah!

Whatever reason you have for heading up to Georgia, I highly encourage you to check out any and all of these sites. You only have your UNF apartment for a few years, so it is important you make the most of it!

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