How can I host the most epic movie night in my UNF apartment?

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Turn your living room into your favorite movie theater!

Movie nights are not only a staple of college life, but apartment life as well. While housewarming parties are a great way to get comfortable soon after moving in, you may find that movie nights make your apartment more intimate and make you feel more at home. An epic movie night is a great way to bring your new friend group together and get you settled into your new UNF apartment.

Picking The Flick

The movie choice sets the tone for the evening, and is usually the most important component for your night to come together. If you chose to live in a furnished apartment, your living room may already come fully equipped with a television and speaker system. To decipher which movie your group should watch, you need to know your group! Maybe you came to the University of North Florida with a friend or two from high school, so you want to find some casual viewing options like a comedy or animated picture. Or, maybe you have a brand new group of buds and the night's vibe will be clear once you've gotten to know them a bit! 

If, like many new college students, you are still trying to figure out your group dynamic, you can never go wrong with choosing a horror movie. Watching horror movies not only brings the group together because you're constantly challenged by jump scares and eerie atmospheres, but if you or your friends get a little too scared with the contents of the movie, you can easily just turn the volume down and spark some interesting conversation to take the edge off! You simply can't go wrong with picking a scary flick for your epic movie night with your new Jacksonville friends!

Food For Thought

The snack choices also stem from the feel of your friend group. If your friends have a sweet tooth, you may want to stock up on chocolates and candies; you might even want to get familiar with your new oven and try out a brownie or cookie recipe. For instance, when Fahrenheit 451 came out in 2018, it was my last weekend with my friends before we all went our separate ways for the summer. So, we decided we would not only come together for this exciting flick, but we would also each bring an oven-baked (yes, at 451 degrees Fahrenheit) snack to share with the group!

Classic movie theater snacks are also a great move to make. There's just something about eating a big bowl of popcorn with your eyes glued to the movie and a soda by your side that feels so right. Your snacks should both fit the vibe of your friend group and the vibe of the film you're watching together. If you are watching a French foreign film, you may want to try your hand at baking croissants, or, just for laughs, make a batch of french fries! Incorporating thoughtful snacks into your movie night will make you and your guests feel right at home, and can add to the memorability of your epic event.

Whatever film you and your friends decide on, your first epic movie night in your UNF apartment will be one to remember. The friends you make in college will probably be some of your lifelong friends, and moments like this, where you gather in the living room with a big bowl of popcorn and a movie you're all excited to watch, will be fondly remembered by them forever. 

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