Are Jacksonville apartments pet-friendly, and where can I take my dog/cat out?

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Arium Deerwood has plenty of shaded areas to walk your dog!

Finding a happy home and community for you and your pets can be challenging at times; luckily many apartments in Jacksonville are pet-friendly! These apartment complexes are often located near great attractions like off-leash dog parks and boutique stores to pick up their favorite treats and toys. Bring Fido provides great lists of places to go in the city, places that welcome your fur-babies.

Dog Parks Near Your Jacksonville Apartment

Some of the top-ranked parks are Confederate Point Dog Park and Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park. Confederate Point Dog Park is fenced in and provides benches for the moms and dads to relax while their pets play. The park is also divided into large dogs and small dogs, so you don't have to worry about your chihuahua being accidentally sat on by a great dane. Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park is a scenic waterfront park but you have to have your pets on a leash.

Other Pet Friendly Places to Explore in Jacksonville

However, on the flip-side, you can take your dog or cat for a calm walk along the beach, on a hiking trail, or even camping overnight. Another great dog-friendly neighborhood outing is the Riverside Arts Market, held on Saturdays under the cool and shaded bridge, featuring local artists and vendors along with some light entertainment. Many of the vendors keep water bowls filled for your pups to help with our usual hot, Floridian temperatures. Some vendors even sell dog treats or fashion-items so it could be a fun shopping adventure for your entire family. After the market has worn you down, take a load off on the steps of the amphitheater and enjoy the music or show.

Jacksonville apartments offer a great variety of dog-friendly, or cat-friendly, properties that are surrounded by easy to access pet stores. My quickest reference for great, nearby pet stores is Yelp and their top 10 list for best pet stores in Jacksonville! Filter by distance or rating to find your new go-to spot to shop. There are places to suit your every need from holistic/organic to chain brands so you don't disrupt your pet's regular diet and preferences.

Finding The Right Pet Friendly Apartment in Jacksonville

Now that you are loaded with solid evidence that Jacksonville apartments are centered around the right community for your pet and lifestyle, it's time to dig into the specifics of the lease and property. From the list of pet-friendly apartments in Jacksonville you'll have to research if there are breed restrictions, weight/quantity restrictions, the pet deposit fee and what type of pets are allowed. Some properties don't allow caged pets, like birds, or aquariums or terrariums. A handful of apartments complexes offer extra pet amenities like washing stations, on-site dog parks and pet waste stations. This can result in an increased one-time or monthly pet fee so just be sure to check on the cost and cadence of payment first and foremost. In certain cases like a pet deposit, you'd get that back
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