Are there any UNF apartments with well equipped kitchens?

Living a healthy lifestyle as a student is difficult at any university, even at UNF. Luckily for you, living in apartments near UNF will give you a huge advantage in overcoming college weight gain.

Having your own kitchen means that you control what you eat, instead of eating what your school can give you. While all UNF apartments come with a kitchen, there are some apartments that provide useful kitchen appliances that are worth noting. Many of them are pretty expensive however, and are not something that a student could generally afford.

Do not despair. There is still an option for you if you are looking for a more affordable complex with a great kitchen. My recommendation would be to check out The District on Kernan Apartments.

Kernan is a great option for those looking at apartments near UNF with good kitchens. These apartments offer rooming from two to four people, with a variety of different leasing options. There is even roommate matching, which can help keep the price of the apartment down if you need more people than you know or are new to the area.

The complex is pet friendly and comes furnished so you don't have to worry about visiting Ikea. Parking and utilities are included in the rent bill, which is a nice addition to help make student lives less hectic. Now you can worry more about what you are making for dinner instead of where to send what bill.

The units are carpeted with central air conditioning and fans spread out in every room. There is also a balcony or patio attached to the living area for you to utilize whenever you want some fresh air. The space throughout the unit is divided between the bedrooms, bathrooms, living area, dining, area, and of course the kitchen.

Now let's talk about the kitchen, which is the mean differential between Kernan and other UNF apartments. The kitchen is cubed in, with an opening and three walls. Two of the walls provide counter space, and are where the appliances are set up. There is also an opening over the wall that faces the living area, so you can see and interact with your roommates or guests while you cook.

However, the appliances are really where this kitchen stands out. Aside from the standard kitchen appliances that come with any kitchen, such as an oven, stove, and refrigerator, this apartment complex comes with some nice extras. Here you will have access to microwave, dishwasher, and garbage disposal unit.

As expected, a microwave is great for leftovers, but it can be even more useful in your hectic student lifestyle than you may realize. If you have little time to cook, cook all of your meals in advance and just store them for refrigeration. Heat them up when you're ready, and all of your meals will take less than five minutes to make.

A dishwasher is great for any apartment, especially if you have roommates. It makes the cleaning process a whole lot easier, and keeps the flow of dirty and clean dishes clear. A garbage disposal is also extremely useful for cleaning, as it is a great way of disposing the leftover gunk from your cooking. Put it down the garbage disposal instead of letting it rot in your trash, and your kitchen will smell a whole lot better.

Overall, Kernan is a great option for those of you looking at UNF apartments with well equipped kitchens. If you find that Kernan does not fit the other parts of your lifestyle, there are some other apartment options available. If you need any help sorting through all the different options, make sure to utilize our search engine right here at Rentjax.

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